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Stay Inspired


In challenging times it can be difficult to focus on the bigger picture. With news and updates available from every source, to every device at all times of day, creativity and inspiration can take a back seat to an overload of information.

Here at the IoD we are proud to have a community of truly inspiring members from all over the world - from rulebreakers to trendsetters and one-man-bands to multinationals, and these challenging times are the perfect opportunity to look to them for inspiration.

Whether you’re a Director magazine subscriber or not, reading stories of others’ success is a motivating tool to make sure you’re working hard to achieve your goals - and learning from the lessons of other directors.

How they did it

Read Chartered Director Jason Wouhra’s strategy to turn East End Foods into a £1bn powerhouse, read as Chartered director Karl Pemberton talks leadership, creativity and switching off, understand why it’s never too late to start a new venture and be inspired by the leadership lessons of Tamara Sakovska - Chartered Director of the Year 2018.

Inspirational cover stars

We’ve also had some of businesses most influential faces on our cover, sharing their expertise, advice and leadership tools - from Facebook Vice President Lady Nicola Mendelsohn, to author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek and economist Dambisa Moyo. Mary Portas taught us about ‘alpha culture’ and Deborah Meaden gave us her top tips for growth in 5 minutes.

Inspiration in your region

Whilst we’ve had to pause a number of events across our IoD regions and nations, you can still find inspiration and motivation from your local community online. Visit your IoD regional hub here and discover webinars, masterminds and other ways to meet, connect and develop your skills, knowledge and local community digitally in these challenging times. Here you'll also find contact details for the IoD team in your area who can offer advice, support and inspiration via email, phone or social media.

In Good Company

What does it mean to be in good company? At the IoD we’re proud of our members and community - from who they are to the businesses they run and the challenges they’ve overcome. We profiled many of these inspiring people in video, text and audio - find out more about them, and be in good company here.