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Your hustle. Our passion.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we know what keeps you up at night counting sheep. Only a founder truly knows the sacrifice that is required to make a business work; the long days followed by long nights, with hustle and optimism being the primary driving forces.

Our mission is simple – to help you succeed. We’re here to help you side-step the inevitable start-up pitfalls you’re going to come up against as you grow and develop.

So here’s our top five things to get you started:

Be in the know

Download our free start-up guide for practical advice on all things start-up. From budgeting and SWOT analysis to perfecting the press release and navigation negotiations; we’ve got plenty of top tips to help you be your own boss.

Download the guide

Get social

Join the 99 community at our nationwide social networking events for founders and entrepreneurs. We open our doors to all founders, whether you're a member of our community or not!

We run events all year round and they’re free to attend. If networking isn’t necessarily your thing; don’t worry they’ll be super relaxed and informal – our community is a friendly bunch!

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Never stop learning

It is likely that your business exists to make a profit: your income must exceed your outgoings. Simple though it sounds, accurately understanding the profit and loss account is an invaluable tool! Watch our video on how to interpret a profit and loss account and more in our resource packed Digital Academy.

Learn at the Academy

Don't be scared to ask for help

It takes a lot of courage to admit you can’t do something on your own. It can make you feel vulnerable and afraid. Believe us, we've been there! But you don't have to do it alone. Heather Carr, Managing Director of Ten Minutes More put it best when she told us her advice is to:

“Seek out and connect with people who can help you and don’t be scared to ask – you don’t have to do it on your own – people are happy to help you and they want to!”

Surround yourself with success

If you recently set up your own start-up, if you are doing a bit of a side hustle or you are just thinking of taking the leap we know what it is like, we have been there, we will celebrate your successes, we will give the help and opportunities to grow, and we will be there to support when the proverbial hits the fan.

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Don't just take our word for it...

We have a community of 30,000 members, representing all sizes and sectors of the UK's dynamic and varied business community. Here a selection of members explain just why their IoD membership is so crucial to their success . . .

Leo Lourdes, Lekker Boutique Travel

Leo Lourdes

CEO, Yogasphere

"If not now, then when? If not now, then how? If you're waiting for the right time, be prepared to wait forever. The only time we ever have is now so don't wait for anyone's permission and go ahead and follow your dream."

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Julia Fintz, Lekker Boutique Travel

Julia Fintz

Founder, Lekker Boutique Travel

"I highly recommend the IoD 99 network. It's an excellent group of supportive people along with fantastic benefits."

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Jamie Gray, Buddy Burst

Jamie Gray

Founder, Buddy Burst

"For less than £10 per month, there really is no other membership that compares. It really is brilliant."

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