• 6 Oct 2022
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Successfully managing your stress and wellbeing at director level


Find out how to look after your own mental health & wellbeing

Do you ever:

  • Find yourself suddenly awake and alert at 3am but often tired and flagging at 3pm?
  • Take over the counter or prescription drugs to support your normal functioning? Eg digestion, tension, sleep etc?
  • Find yourself frustrated and irritated by the demands of others in your organisation or at home?

We all know the importance of looking after our employees’ mental health and wellbeing – without their good health and resilient mental and emotional wellbeing, productivity and performance slips. But what about you? What do you do for yourself? Playing golf, going to the gym, taking holidays and physical check-ups all help to keep things at bay but do they get at the heart of the issue to actually prevent stress build up in the first place?

This short introductory event will highlight why stress is running at such high levels, but more importantly, how you can proactively prevent the build-up of stress to improve your all-round wellbeing, relationships and outcomes.


Paula Ruane

As a busy mother, business owner, wife and colleague I discovered that there are always unwelcome and unwanted events that throw us off balance and affect us emotionally, mentally and physically.

When my husband had an emergency heart-by-pass, aged 35, and the children were tiny, I was suddenly confronted with unexpected, additional demands. There was worry, uncertainty and a huge overload on my time and resources.
The only available help at that time seemed to be an offer of pills: to sleep/to reduce pain/to lift spirits when in fact all I needed were practical, simple, effective ways to be in control, to return balance and feel resourced – to be able to “simply get on with life effectively”.
I then researched and studied how stress, from overwhelm to deep trauma, impacts us each uniquely and started practicing stress prevention in 2007. In 2014, I created a programme for business in 2014 running workshops and lunch and learns and see key personnel as private clients.

Stress has risen dramatically since 2007 – due to the increase of online working and the speed of communication – impacting everyone. Chronic stress is running at 74% needing more than stress management, today we need proactive and preventative ways to limit the impact of stress.

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