• 27 May 2022
  • In-person
  • Networking

IoD Surrey 8.59 mindshare - Should we give out our business cards on holiday?

Networking with real meaning.

Should we give out our business cards on holiday?

Gaby Hersham, CEO of co-working space network Huckletree used to be embarrassed when her dad would hand out his business cards to everyone – even on holiday. Now she is proud of him for doing so. As business leaders we have to be advocating for our business and encourage others to do so for us. So, this month we look at networking and getting others to advocate for us and, perhaps, also asking if business cards are still a ‘Thing’.

This is networking with real meaning.

If you have not been to an 8.59 business breakfast before, come along and give it a try. All that we ask is for you to leave the marketing materials at home and just bring your ambition, generosity, curiosity, wisdom and enthusiasm. You will leave having had insightful conversations and with fresh ideas or actions to try out.


Richard Maybury

Richard is known as ‘Mr Productivity’ by many of his clients. His specialist training business focuses on enabling people to Define Purpose, Defend Priorities and Deliver their Critical Results with more control and less stress every day.
His ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ (WP2P) programmes and keynotes weld rock-solid productivity principles with practical skills and behaviours driven through productivity tools like Microsoft 365, measurably improving collaboration outcomes especially in fast paced, agile, hybrid working environments.

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