• 7 Jun 2022
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IoD Scotland - How to Win Friends and Influence People

What would increasing your powers of persuasion and influence mean for you and your business’s success?

Our ability to sell our ideas and to persuade others enhances our influence and impact within the organisation and can help to raise our profile as a valued contributor within the business. By developing the emotional intelligence to strengthen our own default behavioural tendencies, we set ourselves up for success. By learning to adapt our style to more effectively engage with, and influence, the myriad of personalities we interact with, we unlock the power of relationships to achieve improved business results.

Take Warren Buffet, he puts a large part of his own personal success as a business leader down to the principles and training he received from Dale Carnegie early in his career. Discover some of the insights that Warren Buffet accredits to his own success in becoming the world’s richest man, and one of history’s most successful business leaders.   In this session, we will cover:

  • The attributes and qualities of key individuals of influence.
  • Principles for influencing behaviours and attitudes, even with senior and/or difficult stakeholders.
  • The strengths of your personality type, and how to enhance these to achieve even more effective results
  • Learn to strengthen interpersonal relationships, deal with the most challenging customers and stakeholders, and inspire others within your business through our day to day interactions. 


Mark Sharratt

Mark Sharratt is a much sought-after keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach.

Mark helps companies navigate uncertainty by building resilience and unlocking the potential of their people to harness opportunities for growth.

Mark specialises in working with high-growth entrepreneurs and innovative business leaders to help them improve their capabilities, team effectiveness, business performance and growth.

Mark has returned to the west of Scotland after 15 years living in the South-East from the Midlands, and his passion for cycling and exploring the countryside haven’t been too dampened by the weather!

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