• 22 Jun 2023
  • In-person

Business Etiquette - from traditional to modern

Traditional Business Etiquette

From three-piece suits at an awards ceremony to casual jeans and pizza parties; what is correct business etiquette and how can we make sure everyone is comfortable?

We are breaking down the proverbial walls that are keeping you from attending and enjoying your next business dinner or awards ceremony. The Royal Company of Merchants and the Institute of Directors are coming together for the first in what promises to be a series of business etiquette events.

Throughout the series we'll be introducing future and current leaders to not only traditional, but also modern business etiquette.

Ideal for business leaders, executives, career seekers, and graduates - our very first event will focus on traditional business etiquette at dinner events. Learn about which fork to eat your salad with, when it's appropriate to start your meal, and why there are so many glasses on the table.

We are inviting new and experienced leaders to come together for an evening of wine tasting, dining etiquette training, and the chance to launch cross-mentoring amongst our attendees.



Traditional business etiquette 101

Wine tasting



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