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Meet the chair

The IoD Regional Chair for Yorkshire and the North East is Delroy Beverley. Educated at both Oxford and Cambridge, Delroy has more than 25 years of business and executive leadership experience spanning housing, business and government.

Why are you so proud to represent the IoD?

This is a huge honour and one I am delighted to share with my family, colleagues and industry peers. I am immensely proud of becoming the first Yorkshire and North East BAME chair for such a prestigious and well-respected organisation. This is the highpoint of my career to date.

This role will enable me to work with some extraordinary people and teams. The world of business has a positive impact on people’s lives and their communities, so what the IoD do is profoundly important.  I have also been fortunate to have had the opportunity to give my time to other organisations who are doing so much valuable and inspirational work, and I can see how the IoD’s purpose can be greatly aligned through those networks.

How many members do you represent, and in which sectors? 

There are around 1,300 members in the Yorkshire and Humber region who come from a wide variety of industries ranging from traditional manufacturing to cutting edge technology. Our membership includes experienced entrepreneurs and emerging, young directors.  There will be a focus on growing these numbers going forward as we encourage more people to enjoy the benefits of being an IoD member.

Which sectors would you like to attract?

The big story in the membership sector over the last few years has been the rise of digital and how organisations have had to evolve to meet their members’ changing expectations. Members want instant access to resources and training in exchange for their fees and the most successful membership organisations are those that can continue to update and innovate, making the transition to e-learning, developing digital products and making all their services accessible online. In this regard, we must avoid segmenting the marketplace. We need to be an IoD that appeals to a broader church including start-ups, entrepreneurs (young and old), community and family businesses, large and medium scale employers.

What is so unique about your region?

Diversity, both in the sectors and industries represented and in its population. I’ve learned that diversity is business critical. The worst decisions often made are by people who all have the same life experience. People who have too much in common will never see the unusual trend, will miss the challenge that comes from outside.

Yorkshire and the North East is one of the most diverse regions in the country and offers employers a unique and privileged insight into a workforce that reflects today’s society.

What does your region offer business leaders?

The opportunity to grow and prosper in one of the biggest regions in the UK albeit I recognise the challenges around issues such as infrastructure and attracting people with the right skills.
The IoD is well placed to address these challenges on behalf of the region’s business leaders. Members can make their views known through our respected Policy Voice which enables us to influence decision makers both within the region and in Government.
Yorkshire and the North East is also a great place for those just starting out – for entrepreneurs who want to take an idea forward alongside established businesses with a successful track record to which they can aspire.

All members can be sure of support along the way provided within the region through our branches and committees, networks and superb events.

What are you most looking forward to as IoD regional chair in the next 12 months?

I consider it a privilege to work with those that make up the IoD family. The IoD could not succeed and accomplish our mission if not for the dedicated individuals who work diligently to make things happen!

I’m looking forward to working with our membership which includes companies and individuals that serve every aspect of daily life. I’m especially looking forward to meeting members across Yorkshire and the North East at the range of events we offer, providing shared learning, networking and friendship.

If you attend any of our events, you will experience the passion of the IoD through our speakers, presentations and professional development. Membership of the IoD affords many business benefits and there are also many opportunities available to share and broaden your experience by serving on committees and task teams. We have a place for you!

Finally, what’s your personal business ethos?

Integrity, accountability, passion, leadership, diversity, teamwork and simplicity. 
Good working relationships are important to me. I invest heavily in the principles of clarity, flexibility, honesty and efficiency in every relationship, and I achieve this by listening deeply to what is said as much as what is done.

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