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West Midlands

West Midlands Recovery Proposal, add your support

30 Jun 2020

Recharge the West Midlands

The Iod West Midlands are adding our support to WMCA who have been working on how best to get a number of businesses to back the £3bn West Midlands Recovery Proposal that was sent to the treasury last week. A link to a copy of the Proposal is below, and beneath the headline numbers there are detailed plans for business support and important local projects.

An online form has been set up so that businesses can quickly sign up to create a report of all responses to share ahead of time. 

The support listed in the proposal is incredibly important and very ambitious, this is however the level of investment needed in the West Midlands to start the work.

There is a very tight deadline of the end of this week to register support. 

We look forward to getting as many West Midlands businesses behind this application as possible.

For more information, please contact

West Midlands

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