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West Midlands

Covid 19 - Crisis Management - Looking back to 2020 from 2021

09 Apr 2020
Crisis Management, looking back to 2020 from 2021

Jackie Hendley - Regional Vice Chair West Midlands IoD and Non Executive Director / Business and Tax advisor

Covid 19 – Crisis Management – Looking back to 2020 from 2021

Coronavirus has impacted everyone and changed our world in a way that none of us could have imagined. Many of us have changed our working patterns and have been forced to re-assess what is important in our lives. In the here and now we are all in this together and are making decisions which we feel are best for our staff, customers, suppliers, local stakeholders and society as a whole. Many decisions will be fuelled by adrenaline.

How will we feel when the immediate crisis is over and we look back on the actions we have taken? Were these appropriate? Who did we put at the centre? What do our actions tell others about us? Did the actions support our values? Do we have the right evidence / documentation to support the decisions we made? What would we have done differently with the benefit of hindsight?

What would our 2021 review / board papers say about our actions?
• What are you glad you did?
• What are you glad you dropped?
• What are you glad you didn’t drop?
• Were our actions in accordance with our values? If not, why not?
• If challenged, can you justify why decisions were made? Do you have the paperwork to support these?
• What do you want to be famous for?

What can we do to learn from the crisis to make ourselves and our businesses stronger when we come out of it?
• Ask customers / staff / suppliers how they are viewing the situation? How we deal with these will dictate the strength of loyalty and relationships going forward.
• Learning points: Jot down as go through
• Anticipate and react to the “new normal”

How can we stay focused in a rapidly changing / fluid environment?
• Stand back and take stock on a weekly basis:
o What is our strategic intent (should be constant)
o What is this week’s top priority?
o Where will our main effort be?
• Give up what you can’t control
• How can you help others / make your talents available to them?
• Regularly look at opportunities for diversification (many companies have rapidly changed their focus to providing essential supplies to the NHS – how can you diversify your business?) 

Standing back and thinking about these issues should help you to come out of the crisis in a better position and to be confident in the decisions which are being taken with the full knowledge that you could support these if challenged in the future. 

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