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Guidelines for facilitators and members:

Mastermind groups are a unique series of small sessions that give directors and senior business leaders the chance to discuss the key issues and challenges they face in an open, constructive and confidential environment. These sessions usually take place monthly and are exclusively for IoD members. 

“The group ethos is the sharing of our collective knowledge, experience and expertise to address the issues, challenges and opportunities members bring to the table, as well as share in their successes – it’s conversation with increasingly familiar faces, over dinner, in a stunning location. 

No rapid-fire questions and solutions from people I don’t know, who don’t know me. It is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that helps build respect and trust and as the exchange of emails, texts and the odd call suggest - fledgling relationships".

-Michael Donaldson, Facilitator of Worcester & the Marches Mastermind Group.

We currently have virtual Mastermind groups operating in Birmingham, the Black Country and Worcester & the Marches, as well as a number of dormant groups waiting for in-person meetings to resume, hopefully later in the year. To book onto a Mastermind event, please click here.  

1. Establishing a group

  • Opportunities to join groups will be promoted in our regular monthly emails and the quarterly editions of the IoD West Midlands Magazine.
  • Ideally, there needs to be a core group of between 10 and 12 participants, to ensure that we have sufficient members for each meeting.
  • A group may be established with a lower number of participants initially and a personal approach will be made to encourage other members in the locality to join.
  • A fundamental aim is to build trust and relationships between group members.
  • Once a group is full and ‘settled’, then it is closed and no new participants will be admitted.

2. Membership of Group

  • Groups are strictly for members only. There is no access for non-members and no opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.
  • There must be no direct competitors in a group.
  • It will be important for groups to include people from a good mix of businesses and backgrounds.
  • Individuals need to commit to their group and should not miss too many meetings as this prevents others from joining.
  • Members may join a maximum of 2 groups and facilitators will discourage anyone looking to join for the sole purpose of obtaining sales leads.
  • The facilitator is just that, not the owner or leader of the group
  • In most cases, there will be a need to nurture the group to get the right mix of people who are happy to commit to monthly meetings.
  • The IoD is committed to inclusivity and groups should reflect the diversity of IoD members.

3. Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality of discussions must be maintained and Chatham House rule will apply for all groups.

4. Arrangements for meetings

  • Experience elsewhere suggests that groups should hold roundtable meetings, over dinner (or in certain cases, Breakfast) for up to 3 hours.
  • The groups are member-led, facilitated and there are no targets or agendas set by IoD West Midlands.
  • Members discuss business issues or concerns and support each other.
  • There is no administrative or overhead charge by IoD. The cost to participants will be only that required to cover the meeting facility (if any), and the food and refreshments.
  • Venues will be agreed by the group, with the cost negotiated and booking arranged by the Regional Office, which will undertake all liaisons with the venues.
  • It is important that participants recognise that Mastermind Groups are a member benefit and not a sales channel or revenue generator for the IoD.
  • Each mastermind group has a WhatsApp group chat. This is to share and discuss issues related to the group or business. We will regularly remind members of meeting dates.
  • If there are other IoD events that the majority of group members want to attend together, such as taking a table at dinner or lunch events, then please contact the regional office.
  • If you feel that a colleague will benefit from joining a mastermind group, and/or an IoD membership, then please contact the IoD West Midlands Office on 0121 281 5530.