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The Role of Branch Committee Members

11 Nov 2016

The role of a Committee Member of the IoD is a vital one not least in that the member maintains and promotes the highest standards of business ethics and personal conduct.

The general objectives include:

1. To help IoD members locally to make the best use of their IoD membership.
2. To act as the local face and voice of the IoD in promoting IoD national objectives and policies.
3. To raise the IoD profile within the local business community.
4. To represent the interests of IoD members with local public agencies and other organisations.
5. To recruit new IoD members wherever possible and to help retain existing IoD members. 

IoD Wales is seeking to restructure their branch and region committees’ membership. If this sounds intriguing and you would like to be considered for election to the Committee and are able to commit to attending a minimum of 4 Committee meetings per year, then get in touch! You just need to submit your name, IoD membership number and a brief biography (maximum 150 words) to be received by the 18th November 2016 at the latest.

Which of the following you are most interested in?:

a. Transport
b. Energy    
c. Digital Connectivity
d. Finance 
e. Policy, Risk and Governance
f. Professional Development
g. Trade and Economy  
h. Diversity
i. Education
j. Manufacturing
k. Tourism
l. Young IoD

 Submit Application  

In terms of the person specification, we seek individuals who:

• Can bring ideas whilst accepting perspectives and ideas different to their own.
• Model diversity principles.
• Be highly regarded and respected by their peers.
• Be good listeners and communicators whilst demonstrating strong commitment.
• Devote time and effort to committee activities.
• Seek to release the potential energy of the committee.
• Prevents any personal or business interest from conflicting with their role on the Committee and avoids using this position directly to promote personal interests.
• Support the national standards, policies and priorities of the IoD.

Successful members will be required to submit the names of three fellow IoD members to support their nomination.  We intend to complete the selection process by 1st January 2017.

Good luck to those applying! 

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