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South Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

We are seeking a new chair to lead our Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Branch

05 Oct 2020

We are seeking a new chair to lead our Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes branch within our South region. 

This branch is currently made up of 551 members and is also supported by Branch / Regional Employees and IoD Central Shared Services. The branch is part of a regional support network which encompasses 7 branches.

This challenging and rewarding role will see the successful candidate chairing and supporting the branch committee which will comprise of a Vice Chair and a team of Ambassadors.  The committee will be very active within our members, the local community and with enterprises. 

The role also involves working with neighbouring IoD branches, regions and nations, providing cohesive and consistent support and services to the IoD membership.

The successful candidate will have a demonstrable track record in board or equivalent roles, with established business interests and a strong network of contacts within Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes.

You will be a strong advocate for good governance and responsible business practices amongst directors, with a desire to give back to the community. You will be the lead voice of our branch, representing members from start-ups and scale-ups to private and public sector enterprises.

You will help to promote and recognise great businesses and their stories within Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes whilst actively supporting members in their drive to grow purposeful, responsible companies.

The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes business economy and will be expected to promote the IoD among the local business community, public sector and policy makers to help grow the IoD membership and to deliver our Royal Charter.

This is an exciting time for the IoD as it enters a new chapter in its long and esteemed history. We have a new value proposition  and member proposition (see separate documents) which remains true to our core belief that Better Directors build a Better World.

Role details
The Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Chair is the principal representative of the IoD in the local community and the Chairs’ responsibilities include the following, delivered with and through the branch committee, with the assistance, where appropriate, of the Regional Chair:
• Demonstrate a high commitment to good governance and professionalism
• Be an advocate for the IoD and our Royal Charter
• Ensure that the Branch adheres to best practice and has strong succession plans in place and is diverse in its composition and follows the process for appointing ambassadors
• Effectively chair branch committee meetings and follow best practice
• With the wider Branch committee, deliver the regional business plan, branch budget, manage finances, control the risk register
• Drive sponsorship, marketing and publicity of the events, inclusive of professional development that both raise the awareness of the IoD and deliver our Royal Charter
• Influence a wide range of key stakeholders 
• Understand, represent and promote the interests of members in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes 
• Promote membership of the IoD to directors of businesses of all sizes in Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes
• Promote the CPD route to Chartered Director and other Professional Development opportunities
• Provide comment to the media on specific topics in line with IoD policy
• In addition to Branch meetings, attend or be present at South regional committee meetings and strategy days
• Attend branch and regional events and promote the benefits of joining the IoD
• Support IoD members and signpost them to the service that best suits their needs
• Proactively engage with and promote IoD members’ (and potential members) positive business stories and successes to the IoD
• Bring other great leaders into the IoD to continually renew and increase the Policy Voice impact of the membership
• Provide learning opportunities for all members through fantastic peer to peer networking and connectivity
• Strategic input into regional, national and international activities within IoD structures
• Be the visible face of empowering inclusive leadership within the branch
• Ensure the future success of the branch, including financial controls and regulation

Role benefits
As chair, you will be a high-profile ambassador for Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes and South region. There will be opportunities for you:
• Provide comment on local, regional and national business issues 
• IoD Professional Development courses will be complimentary after the first successful year of your term as Chair (with the exception of our Accelerated Learning Certificate which is charged at cost) 
• Your personal brand will be enhanced by the title of IoD Branch Chair – Chairs and Ambassadors are invited to speak at conferences on behalf of the IoD 
• Your views and opinions will be sought by the Governance & Policy Unit of the IoD which oversees the development of IoD policy on the full range of issues affecting business from trade to taxation, enterprise to education. We are in frequent contact with ministers, civil servants, special advisers and government agencies to ensure that IoD members' views are represented accurately at all stages of the policy process 
• Being Chair of the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes branch is a rewarding and enjoyable role. It is a great way to meet new people, be part of the growth of the IoD, influence the growth of our economy, become a better director and have fun along the way
• Grow your network and develop peer to peer relationships
• Engagement opportunities exclusively with the IoD through events/policy

Questions about the role
To find out more about the role and discuss your questions, please email

Deadline for applications
Applications must be emailed by close of business Friday 9th October 2020. 

How to apply
1. Please email Juliet Rushent outlining how you feel your skills and experience are aligned with the Chair role. Please also attach your CV.
• The selection process will be conducted by our regional team who will be in touch with you following your application 
• The regional team will contact the shortlisted applicants to arrange a virtual interview during the week beginning 19th October 2020 and the recommended candidate will be informed during the same week
• Recommendations to the IoD Main Board will be sent for board ratification. 
• This is a three-year term expected to start on 1st December 2020

2. Upon successful ratification of appointment there will be a six-month probationary period during which the following key activities will take place:
• Introduction to all branch ambassadors, branch chairs and regional team
• Appointment shared in media and via social media platforms
• Introduction to counterparts in other IoD regions
• Introduction to the Director General and Executive team
• Handover & induction sessions
• Regional strategy day and the regional committee meetings
• Appointment of Branch committee

Contact IoD South

For more information, please contact

020 7766 8805


Branch and staff contacts can be found on the main Contacts tab

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