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The Future is Now! Building Discretionary effort within constant change

18 Oct 2018
IoD South

IoD Surrey and the CIPD Surrey and North Hants branches held their 2nd annual joint conference on the 16th of October 2018.

The event was hosted by IoD Surrey Chair and HR Ambassador, Richard Maybury and CIPD member David Tinney.

Our theme this year was 'The Future of Work is Now!' and we explored the realities of building a successful business through 2 filters.

1. Building discretionary effort against stubbornly disappointing national 'Employee Engagement' backdrop.

2. Combining current operational excellence with the challenge of constantly future-proofing the business.

It was a big success as evidenced by the post-conference comments and the very encouraging online feedback received so far. so much so that we are encouraged to start planning our 3rd joint conference for 2019.

We had 3 keynote speakers covering various aspects on the ‘Future of work’. Being IoD Surrey, we ensured that there was time for table talk sessions before we went into the Q&A Panel discussion.

The presentations ranged from a strategic overview of what the future of work looks like from a professional HR perspective, through to the ruthless reality of managing that discretionary effort within a rapidly growing business. We also explored how technologies and approaches that might at first appear to be progressive or even radical, might be able to help in the building of that extra discretionary effort and engagement.

Our speakers were:

Edward Houghton, the CIPD's Head of Research and Thought Leadership, who presented that strategic overview. You can see the video of his presentation HERE

Steve Coburn MD of projectfive, an award-winning IT Support business, who presented the realities of building discretionary effort within a fast-paced high growth, high volume workload environment. You can see the video of his presentation HERE

Andrzej Marczewski from MotivaitJ who shared insights around the use of gamification to build and maintain engagement and motivation at work. You can see the video of his presentation HERE

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