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South Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Oxfordshire

IoD South Mastermind Groups

14 Aug 2018
IoD South, Mastermind Groups

We are pleased to announce we are launching a series of Mastermind Groups in the South Region.

These Mastermind groups bring members together to build strong business relationships, allowing you to share ideas in a constructive environment, offering a combination of opportunities for brainstorming, learning, peer accountability and support in a group setting, we hope these will sharpen your business and personal skills.

We aim to provide a positive, informal but challenging and supportive space to discuss issues that confront directors on a daily basis. The format is simple with introductions and feedback, before all members share a summary of topics they would like to discuss.

These groups need a facilitator and, where possible, these groups will be led by a Chartered Director (CDir) and consist of up to 12 members who aren’t in competing industries, but who face similar challenges in their roles as directors.

If you would like to be part of one of these groups, please contact your local Head of Regional Relationships,

Juliet Rushent

07908 358 740 

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020 8078 4127


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