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South Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes

Introducing the new Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Chair

01 Oct 2018
Julian Hynd, IoD Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes

Introducing Julian Hynd

IoD Buckinghamshire Chair

Q: How long have you been involved with the IoD?

I have been an IoD member since 1997.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your career to date?

My career spans 30 years and has been fantastically diverse. To date I have worked in over 20 countries, as well as across multiple industry sectors; Financial Services; Retail; Engineering and Public Services. I have worked in global multi-national organisations, but also being an owner-operator in a SME business, and spent time in start up’s.

My most recent roles have focused on developing new business ventures (;, which have allowed me to make a lasting difference.

Finally I also have two volunteer roles with external organisations that already allow me to give something back.

Q: What do you hope to achieve as an IoD Branch Chairman?

Our aim is to encourage members to connect with one another, and to help them access the support they need to be more effective as directors and to help their businesses to grow.

I sincerely believe change begins with the individual, so I see our focus as encouraging the sharing and passing-on of our knowledge and experience to peers, as well as engaging with them to understand their individual needs and help them develop to become better leaders for themselves and for their businesses.

We will develop an ambitious strategy to support that, with clear and measurable deliverables, underpinned by transparent communication.

And I want our members to be proud of being a member of the IoD and part of the Buckinghamshire & MK business community.

Q: If you could give your 21 year old self some advice what would it be?

The life you live is determined by the decisions you make and don’t make, not by the decisions others make.

Q: What keeps you busy outside of work?

Most weekends are spent together as a family, but we have two young and energetic sons who keep us very busy outside of work. As a result we are enthusiastic football and cricket fans, and I am my 4th year of coaching mini-rugby rugby at Buckingham Rugby Football Club.

In between I read extensively and even do a little amateur videography.

Q: Are there any business related or policy issues that keep you awake at night?

At the macro level I worry about the difficult issues we are leaving for our children to solve. At the micro level the lack of clear economic plans combined with unaccountable media proliferation, which serve to undermine the growth that fuels our way of life – business.

Q: Why do you think business leaders should join the IoD?

I joined the IoD after my first Executive appointment when I quickly realised I needed help to develop myself as a business leader and a Director. For me the IoD was, and remains, the only place to get that.

Having joined, I have developed a wider appreciation for how much more the IoD can does do for its members; personal development throughout your career, not just the start; promoting corporate governance; and providing a voice for business.

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