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South Surrey

Help shape our children's future

06 Jul 2018
Students, mentoring, governors, trustees, education

A recent message from the IoD encouraged us to become school governors or Trustees to help shape our children’s future and ensure they are ready for the world of work.  

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As the Education Ambassador for the IoD Surrey, I heartily endorse this view and add my own encouragement for you and members of your staff to take on such roles.  However, many of us find it hard to find the time to do these roles justice, which is why I have worked hard on your behalf to create a portfolio of activities that you might find interesting and that would be of value to schools, colleges, and universities across the county.  Engaging in 1 day business games helps prepare young people for the world of commerce; volunteering for a construction or a maths challenge encourages young people to pursue careers that involve these skills; mentoring a young person can significantly improve their chances of leaving school with qualifications; and offering short term work placements can open up  a world of opportunity for a student considering their career options.

Our young people get a lot of bad press with attitudinal millennials and the snowflake generation just a couple of the epithets thrown in their direction.  Yet, as many of our members saw at the May 8:59 Breakfast meeting – they are so much more than that.  Students from the University of Surrey’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering came to the breakfast meeting to showcase the results of the business module that they take in their second year.  Members were impressed with the innovative products the students had designed, the marketing strategies they’d devised and the business planning they’d undertaken.  One product (can’t say which until the IP rights have been secured!!) so impressed the members that it may well become a fully-fledged business in due time.  

Of course, these students, and those in many other academic institutions across Surrey, will need guidance, expertise and encouragement to pursue their business aims.  So, if you and your staff are thinking about volunteering to work with your “future employees and colleagues “or becoming a school governor or Trustee, I can only say – Go For It.  You’ll have a great time and help a lot of people along the way.

Janet Preston
IoD Surrey Education Ambassador

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