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Great Brands Create Fans, Not Customers

30 Mar 2017

IoD Kent Chair. Brands

Great Brands Create Fans, Not Customers

Anyone familiar with the Metro Bank story will recognise this. Metro’s founder Vernon Hill, talks about a model that breeds fans - as fans join your brand, they stay loyal and bring their friends. The model is underpinned by exceptional customer service, creating personal connections, bold design (think about all the Metro “stores” you’ve visited and you will know what I mean), training and recruitment. I did read somewhere that if a candidate doesn’t grin within the first two minutes of the interview they won’t get a job!

So what can we learn? Differentiate yourself, create a company culture and think like your customers are great starters for me. I like that Metro hire staff for attitude and train for them for their skills and that they differentiate on service and convenience.

If you want to learn more about building an exception business and profitable relationships, then book onto our Director’s Briefing on March 16th at Bridgewood Manor, Chatham from 9:30am to 11:30am.  Of if you just fancy a bit of social networking then join our Gin Tasting night at Anno Distillers in Tunbridge Wells on March 2nd from 5:30pm to 8pm. Set up in 2011 Anno were the first new Kent distiller for over 200 years. Until then you couldn’t make gin in small quantities without falling foul of the Gin Act 1751, designed to curb consumption and associated crime! Now it is a growth industry with sales last year reaching £1 billion and double the number of distilleries now in operation.

As always check out all the events at

Have a great March!

Jane Ollis, IoD Kent Chair

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