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Blog From Kent Chair, Jane Ollis

30 May 2017

kent june

Running a business in a fast changing, complex, uncertain world? Get used to it!

Robert Peston and other keynotes at Kent Vision Live’s fantastic event last month made it abundantly clear that uncertainty and unpredictability have become the new norm. We have to get comfortable thriving in this environment and override the way our brains are naturally wired. Yes, our brain craves out and seeks out certainty and if it doesn’t find it, quickly hits the “fear” button. 

Lots of entrepreneurs I talk to seem to have a very powerful override for the fear button. For them it doesn’t matter how uncertain their world is, they have bought into the problem their business is solving and always cope with and find ways around anything that gets in their way. 

Come and listen to the story of a fellow entrepreneur and Ambassador for the IoD in Kent, Sian Holt, owner and Managing Director of the Fudge Kitchen and find out how she manages uncertainty and successfully scaled up her business. Sian will be leading the Director’s Briefing on June 6th at the Ashford International Hotel, 9:30am. I will be there to learn as well, and hopefully taste some of her award winning fudge!

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