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South West


04 Mar 2020

Chartered Director qualification

The new decade has a lot riding on it.  Whilst there is undoubtedly more certainty than at the end of 2019 about our position in Europe, the long period of limbo in which we have all been operating for far too long has sapped much of the confidence and ambition to invest in the people, equipment and technology needed to drive productivity.  The symptoms are laid starkly bare by the UK’s lacklustre productivity performance  - overall, output per hour worked fell 0.1% in 2019, which followed a gain of just 0.5% in 2018. This compares unfavourably with the annual average growth rate of 2.0% seen before the 2008/9 downturn.
Whatever an organisation’s purpose and aims, it is the Directors and Boards that set the ambition and strategic direction to invest and to execute.  It’s often a complex matter of balancing risk and reward, and certainly a matter of exercising good governance.  Confidence to constantly adapt to and steer your business through that shifting environment will mark out who rides the wave successfully.  The Institute of Directors calls this, ‘having the edge’.  It’s also about sleeping well at night!

That’s why the IoD’s professional development programme is sought by those looking for that edge while demonstrating professionalism as a Director to add to their own intuition and experience.

At the top of our three-tier development route is Chartered Director.  It has a pedigree of being 21 years old this year as one of the best-known benchmarks of professional development as a Director.  The IoD remains the only professional Institute to offer qualifications for Directors under Royal Charter; and they’re continually developed to ensure they reflect what individuals and Boards need to be successful and well-governed.
There are some 1,000 active Chartered Directors in the UK and beyond:  70 of those in the South West.  These are individuals who have invested in their professionalism, for themselves and their organisations.  They are also supporting the new cohorts of Chartered Directors as we widen our network of professionals supporting each other.  We value the ability to share and learn from each other’s experiences to reinforce our continued professional development within the Fellowship that is the IoD.

I can honestly say that Chartered Director is the most worthwhile qualification I have undertaken.  It has shown me things I was ignorant of and amplified things I was reasonably competent at.  It has stretched me and equipped me in equal measure.  It has certainly given confidence to my ambitions – and an edge – both when I was managing director of a reasonably large company or now, running my own business.

The IoD believes that better Directors build a better world.   If you want to make 2020 the year of adding that edge, find out more about becoming a Chartered Director here.

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