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Non-executive Whistleblowing Champions- NHS

Non-executive Whistleblowing Champion Board Member appointments to NHS Golden Jubilee, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland, and NHS Western Isles.

If you are looking for a challenging, rewarding and worthwhile opportunity, we would like to hear from you.  Applications are invited from a wide range of people who have an interest in public service and are committed to the NHS in Scotland.  Please pass on details of these opportunities to anyone else you think may be interested.

The Non-executive Whistleblowing Champions (NWC) will have no operational role in any Board.  The aim of this role is to further promote a culture of openness and transparency in NHS Scotland.  A culture where all staff feel confident to raise any concerns they may have in the knowledge that they will be supported, receive fair treatment, suffer no detriment, and that their concerns will be properly investigated.  The NWC will contribute towards the promotion and delivery of a positive working culture within NHS Scotland.

The work undertaken by NHS Boards across the country provides the strategic framework to ensure that the management of our healthcare is more efficient, more accountable and more effective.  These Boards bring together key partners, who deliver our healthcare.  One of the main functions of these different bodies is to put government policies into practice in the best way possible.  These three Special NHS Boards support the territorial NHS Boards by providing a range of important specialist and national services.

This is an exciting time to join an NHS Board.  The publication of the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Delivery Plan set out a programme to further enhance health and social care services; working so the people of Scotland can live longer, healthier lives at home or in a homely setting.

As a non-executive member of a Board, you will also have a key role in supporting the delivery of the organisation’s strategic direction in addition to contributing to scrutinising performance, and discharging governance and accountability functions.  You may also be required to participate on a Health and Social Care Partnership Board.  This role is as challenging as it is rewarding – and you will be offered the training you’ll need to make a strong contribution. 

For this post you must be able to demonstrate the following:

Priority Criteria:

•The ability to review NHS whistleblowing procedures
•Constructive and supportive challenge

General Criteria:

* Ability to demonstrate NHS Scotland’s shared values.  These are:

•care and compassion;

•dignity and respect;

•openness, honesty and responsibility; and,

•quality and teamwork.

*Knowledge of how health, and where applicable, social care services, are structured and delivered:

•In the area served by Western Isles Health Board,


•Across Scotland, in the case of National Services Scotland, Health Improvement Scotland, and Golden Jubilee Foundation

* Analysis and decision making

* Communication

You do not need to be an expert in health or have previous experience of being on a Board.  We are looking for people who have the capacity and commitment to grow into the role, to develop their skills and to learn new skills they may require. 

The Scottish Ministers particularly welcome applications from groups currently under-represented on Scotland’s public bodies, such as disabled people, those from minority ethnic communities, and people aged under 50.

For more specific detail of the particular requirements of the roles, please see the the person specification, which forms part of the application pack.  Also included in the pack is more detailed information about the role of NHS Scotland. 

Remuneration:   Appointment to Healthcare Improvement Scotland is paid at the rate of £165.08 per day.  Remuneration for appointments to NHS Golden Jubilee, and NHS National Services Scotland are set at £8,584 per annum, while the annual rate for NHS Western Isles is £7,859.  You will also receive reimbursement for all reasonable travel and subsistence costs and any reasonable dependant-carer expenses incurred whilst undertaking Board duties and for support required to help you carry out your duties effectively.

Time commitment:  The time commitment will vary week to week and from board to board, as each board will have both busier and quieter periods.  Regardless of the post obtained, you must be able to make a firm commitment to spend, on average, eight hours per week (up to 48 days per year) on Board business.  It is likely that there will be an extra time commitment at the start of the appointment to review any historic cases and assist in the implementation of the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO).  This time will be a mix of daytime board meetings; committee meetings as well as development and strategy days, preparation for meetings and reading documents.

Appointment details:  The term of appointment will be for up to 4 years.  When a term comes to an end, the skills the board requires will be reassessed.  If you satisfy the requirements of the new person specification at that time, and there is evidence of your effective performance, Scottish Ministers may consider reappointing you for a further term.  A non-executive member’s total period of appointment will not exceed eight years.

Location:  Various locations, full details are in Annex B of the Applicant Information Pack.

Interviews:  It is expected that interviews will be held on 11 May and 3-4 June in Edinburgh.

Further information:  If you would like to find out more about this role and the work of the Board(s) you are welcome to contact the relevant Boards, full contact details are in Annex B of the Applicant Information Pack.

For full information on the appointments and to apply please  access  the link below. 


Apply Now

Completed applications must be received before midday on Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Appointments to these Boards are regulated by the Ethical Standards Commissioner.

Appointed on merit; committed to diversity and equality.