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Check in Works/ Giraffe - Chair

Check in Works/ Giraffe - Chair

The charity was set up to help groups in society that were overlooked, denied opportunities and not integrated into the local community. The charity’s wholly owned subsidiary (a community interest company), Giraffe, was primarily set up as there were not enough employers in the local area who were willing to offer the type of supported employment and development that it offers.

For more than 10 years, the organisations have provided socialisation, personal development and training for adults experiencing a diverse range of disabilities, mental ill-health, homelessness, and other barriers to support them towards inclusion, and, where appropriate, sustaining meaningful employment.

The organisations strongly believe in inclusion for all and offers its trainees a place to go for training, socialisation, personal development, supported work experiences and more. This creates incredible, life-changing opportunities for each individual.

Charity Trusteeships can be incredibly rewarding as well as support personal and professional development. As the Chair, you will hold the Board and Executive Team to account for the Charity’s mission and vision, provide inclusive leadership to the Board of Trustees, ensure that each trustee fulfils their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the charity. The Chair will also support, and, where appropriate, challenge the Chief Executive and ensure that the Board functions as a unit and works closely with the entire Executive of the charity to achieve agreed objectives. He or she will act as an ambassador and the public face of the charity in partnership with the Chief Executive.

The company takes a pro-active approach in appointing suitable candidates in order to broaden the governance skills base of the board. New directors undertake an induction to the organisation. This include identifying their particular skills and interests. Directors are offered internal and external opportunities to develop their knowledge base and update their skills.

To be successful, you will have experience across a wide and varied business and professional life with an interest in the aims of Check In Works/Giraffe and a willingness to commit time and energy to the position

How To Apply

Please email us at or call us on 01786 542 224 to request an information pack, full job description and person specification.

You are advised to get in touch well in advance of the closing date to give us time to consider your application and pre-interview the strongest applicants.

Closing Date: Noon, Monday 21st June
Interview Dates: Monday 28th June

This search is being conducted exclusively for Check in Works/ Giraffe by BTA (Bruce Tait Associates). Our leadership team have all worked in the voluntary sector and we use this experience to match organisations and individuals to create great appointments.