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Borders College - Chair

Can you bring the skills and experience to this exciting and challenging role?

As Chair, you will establish effective leadership of the Board ensuring that it fulfils its duties, roles and responsibilities, including those as an employer. You will work in partnership with employers and other regional stakeholders to focus on providing opportunities which meet demand in key industry sectors within the region and beyond, the College ensures that its students develop the right skills and positive attitudes to support the local, regional and national workforce needs, and plays a key role in helping to develop the regional economy.

You should already have board experience and have a successful track record in the following essential skills:

•  An understanding of the economic environment within which the college operates

•  Impactful strategic leadership

•  Effective governance and accountability which delivers results

•  Working collectively and collaboratively


You will be based at Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HE. Due to the pandemic, board meetings could be virtual for the foreseeable future.


Remuneration rates are related to the turnover and staffing numbers of the college, and are paid monthly in arrears. The daily remuneration rate for this position is £211, up to a maximum total fee of £21,944 per financial year. Expenses incurred as a result of carrying out the duties of the appointment, including reasonable travel and subsistence costs and dependant carer and childcare expenses, will be reimbursed.

The appointment is non-pensionable.

Time commitment

The Chair will be expected to devote 2 days per week to performing the functions as and when required, up to a maximum of 104 days per year. Whilst the majority of Board meetings will take place in the local area, you will be required to attend meetings, representing the board, in other venues across Scotland from time to time. Your time will mainly be spent attending meetings, reading documents, evening and weekend events and contributing to national debate and policy development relating to post-16 education.

For full details and to apply, please follow this link -