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Meet the chair

We talk to Ian Sheppard, the Northern Ireland chair and regional director for Bank of Ireland about what IoD Northern Ireland offers business leaders

Why are you proud to represent the IoD?

The IoD represents many of Northern Ireland’s (NI) most successful business leaders and hence I am immensely proud to represent them.

What is the IoD’s role to business leaders in Northern Ireland?

The IoD in NI provides our business leaders with the opportunity to continue their professional development, network with other local business leaders and have their views represented to local government with the objective of enhancing their contribution to the future growth of the economy and broader NI society.

Who do you represent?

We represent over 800 members from the private, public and third sectors in Northern Ireland. Members are leaders in organisations active in a wide range of sectors who have responsibility for both job and value creation in our community.

Which sectors would you like to attract?

We welcome members from all sectors and sizes of organisations to ensure IoD in NI is representative of the NI business community. We particularly encourage those who aspire to NI being recognised externally as a great place to do business. It’s vital we grow the private sector economy given our historic reliance on a disproportionately large public sector.  To do this we need more world-class leaders in the private sector and the IoD plays a key role in developing those leaders. Northern Ireland has a rich tradition of innovation which, if properly identified and nurtured, has significant potential for economic growth.

What does IoD Northern Ireland offer business leaders?

We offer members a wide range of professional development and networking opportunities. We have a vibrant and active committee structure which allows members to actively participate in local IoD decision making and encourages exchange of knowledge, experience and learning.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to meet with more of our members across the province, to ensure the IoD continues to meet their needs so that they can continue to help grow the NI economy.

What is your personal business ethos?

One piece of advice I was given early in my career was to not only try and develop high-performing teams but also to develop high-performing leaders. A key aspiration for me is for the IoD to play a key role in developing more of the great business leaders we already have in NI.

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