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IoD London Young Directors Forum (YDF)

What are the objectives of your SIG?

The YDF provides ambitious young directors with practical tools for successful leadership. Our events are delivered by experts through relatable stories.

What are three priorities for the SIG?

  • More relevant audience members
  • Better quality speakers
  • Less bureaucracy

How can members participate or contribute?

Attend events and promote the IoD

Why did Members join

  • I joined for opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn from like-minded and driven young leaders.
  • to curate useful business events for the young directors community in London. To grow within the network, forge meaningful connections among industry leaders and policy makers

We ask the Chair of the Young Directors Forum (YDF) Special Interest Group (SIG), Andrew, a bit about himself

Tell us about Your career to date

Graduate scheme, accountant, analyst, finance director (10 years in total). Guest speaker & lecturer on behavioural economics, pitching and persuasion at London Business School, University College London & Cass Business School. Behavioural Economist in residence at London College of Fashion.

Tell us about you day job

Co-founder SIRV, award winning employee reporting software.

What are your business objectives?

Helping more people

Why did you join the IoD?

For the events

What are your objectives within your IoD Ambassador role?

Raise the standard of events throughout the year to help directors looking to grow their business.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Calisthenics, running, BMF, public speaking

It gets personal! Tell us about yourself

I was born in Essex, and currently live in London. A personal goal of mine is to talk about myself less.


Chair - Andrew Tollinton

SIG Member - Julian Tse

SIG Member - Andrew Griffiths

SIG Member - Mais Callan

SIG Member - Tomasz Letniowski

SIG Member - Susan Zhang

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