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IoD London Music and Arts SIG

What are three priorities for the SIG?

  • See what business leaders can do for the arts in these new times
  • See what the arts can do for our businesses nationally
  • Excavate the hidden creative talents and passions of our members

How can members participate or contribute?

By joining our events, exchanging, and suggesting ideas and getting to know other members of this brand new and growing group

We ask the Chair of the Music and Arts Special Interest Group (SIG), Tom Petzal, a bit about himself

Tell us about Your career to date

It started in the classical music industry : I was CEO of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Development Director of Welsh National Opera, then at the Royal Court Theatre and at Shakespeare’s Globe - all of which triggered my interest in the ongoing struggles the arts go through to survive. So, I started my own fundraising consultancy which now extends beyond all the arts to mainstream charities and international NGOs in all fields ranging from natural health to modern day slavery. And we work all over the world. Over 150 arts clients past and present have included the London Symphony Chorus, Monteverdi Orchestra, Freibourg Baroque Orchestra, Kings College Cambridge, The Swingle Singers and The National Youth Dance Company.

Tell us about you day job

I run contract programmes within my consultancy hopefully taking clients to an even better place.

What are your business objectives?

To do a good job for everyone I work with

Why did you join the IoD?

To meet the broadest possible spectrum of business leaders and exchange ideas- coming from a slightly outlying business background

What are your objectives within your IoD Ambassador role?

To excavate my new colleagues’ creative and artistic skills and passions - and interest them in the fact that there are thousands of arts organisations out there that would welcome new alliances, new ways of considering their profiles and futures . No way is it just about their money. It is sometimes never about their money! It is equally about countenancing exchanging and gaining mutual new strengths through alliances.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Playing and listening to JS Bach
Discovering Baroque composers, I had never heard of before
Supporting the Gunners
Being chair of the Trustees at Hoxton Hall - one of London’s coolest and most diverse arts venue

It gets personal! Tell us about yourself

I’m a North Londoner . If I wasn’t going to play in goal for Arsenal, was going to be the world’s greatest concert pianist. Even made it to the Vienna Conservatoire. The rest isn’t history.


Chair - Tom Petzal

SIG Member - Lindsay Wesker

SIG Member - Alison Russell

SIG Member - Andrew Quartermain

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