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IoD London Education SIG

What are three priorities for the SIG?

1. Build relationships with academia to develop robust collaborative communities by providing engaging and informative networking events.
2. Engage with IoD members, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Corporate and Government to enlist support and opportunities for student members.
3. Create collaborative partnerships and sponsorship.

How can members participate or contribute?

The leaders of tomorrow need encouragement and guidance from the directors of today. IoD members can contribute towards their success by participating in mentorship programmes, panel discussions and knowledge sharing through interviews and networking events.

We ask the Chair of the Education Special Interest Group (SIG), Jo, a bit about herself.

Tell us about your career to date

I have been incredibly fortunate in that my career has been so varied. The last 30 years have afforded me the opportunity to gain experience across all three sectors and in a variety of roles and fields. These have included leadership, learning and development, project management and customer journey. 

Time with BT included technical and international project management positions. As the company transitioned on to the global arena, one of my roles included that of Training Manager. This gave me great understanding of the necessary requirement to be able to embrace cultural differences, whilst leading multi-generational, inter-disciplinary teams across a variety of time zones. This now being one of the most challenging and indispensable skills for today’s leaders.

After an extended career break when my son was born, I resumed my career and decided to specialise in Learning/Organisational Development. 
This has resulted in extensive experience in designing and delivering a host of training projects which have included Global People Empowerment, Statutory and Leadership Programmes, and the London Olympics.

Tell us about your day job 

I am the founder of EQ Global Training. A company I created to share my diverse experience and understanding of the challenges fast growth can bring to SMEs. The question asked consistently by managers is “How do I get the best from my people?” The answer is, to understand them and yourself. An exceptional leader recognises the importance of ‘people’ in any business and that each of us is an individual with personal drivers, unique behaviours and distinctive goals. 
EQ Global Training’s mission is to transform managers into innovative leaders of motivated, engaged and loyal teams through understanding and development of emotional intelligence.

What are your business objectives?

My 3 overarching objectives for the year ahead are:

  • To help build robust leaders who are able to use empathy to support, steer and inspire confidence in their teams through uncertain and challenging times.
  • Promote the importance of emotional intelligence in business and education.
  • Build collaborative partnerships.

Why you join the IoD? 

EQ Global Training was created to address the challenges faced in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My greatest challenge in doing so has been a personal lack of awareness regarding business knowledge required in a Start-Up and associated directorship responsibilities. This prompted me to become an IoD member. The support, training and resources provided by the IoD give complete clarity through webinars, forums, workshops, networking events and their Business Information Service. The wisdom and generosity within the membership is second to none.

What are your objectives within your IoD Ambassador role?

I was appointed Education Ambassador for Institute of Directors, Central London in February 2020. Prior to which I was Start-Up(IoD99) Ambassador for IoD Essex.

My commitment in promoting life-long learning and personal entrepreneurship has led to ambassadorial roles within the IoD. I am looking forward to connecting with universities, colleges and educators to work towards forming empowering communities.  I would like to use my role to encourage and support students as they begin their directorial journeys with events, workshops and networking opportunities.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Outside of work, I try to make the most of London living by visiting art exhibitions and galleries. Having previously been a member of London Museum Hub’s Special Events Team, the London and Docklands Museums are close to my heart. 
To relax, I find gardening to be a fantastic stress reliever. I enjoy World and Independent Cinema and do my best to keep fit through yoga and Reformer Pilates.

It gets personal! Tell us about yourself

  • As an entrepreneur, I spend too much time thinking or working on my business. To balance my life, I would like to revisit previous hobbies, such as drawing, cooking and dress-making.
  • My health goal is to shed this midlife weight and become fitter and healthier.
  • In my earlier career I studied Japanese for 2 years with the intention of working there. The arrival of my son changed that, however, I would like to relearn this language.