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Isle of Man

Chamber of Commerce & IoD Isle of Man Survey gives insight into Business Opinions on COVID crisis

02 Aug 2020

IoD Border Controls

A survey carried out by the Island’s Chamber of Commerce and Institute of Directors (IoD) has revealed some interesting opinions about the Covid crisis among the business community.

A total of 168 Chamber and IoD members drawn from a across the business community took part in the survey, ranging from small firms to major corporations and representing a broad cross-section of economic sectors.

Among the main findings it appears that there is strong support for Isle of Man Government’s five-stage post-lockdown strategy, a significant majority in favour of testing visitors for Covid-19 when borders are fully reopened, and divided opinions about the impact on businesses of border closures.

Here are some of the highlights:
• 47% of the respondents said the closure of the borders has had little or no impact on their business
• 51% of respondents said that even though the Island is in stage four they would still not travel for business purposes with 40% saying they would only allow it on a limited/exceptional basis
• The 14 day self-isolation would discourage 80% of the respondents from travelling for business purposes with 35% stating that a seven day isolation would encourage more travel
• 82% of respondents would like to see testing at the airport and ferry port when the borders are fully open and 82% also said they would be willing to pay for a test for employees to speed up results
• 86% of respondents have procedures in place if an employee tests positive for Covid-19
• A small localised outbreak would only impact 30% of respondents completely, with 70% stating it would either have a mild effect or none at all
• 49% of respondents would expect financial support from IoM Government if they had to send their entire workforce home due to a Covid-19 outbreak
• 73% of the respondents agree with the IoM Government’s five-stage strategy

To see the full results click here

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