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Power of Words

29 Mar 2017

Power of Words

Institute of Directors (IoD) Certificate in Company Direction

Whether you are looking to progress your career, enhance your knowledge or transform your board’s performance, we have the right courses, qualifications and development to support you and your business. Our belief is that business’s want to save precious travelling time and expense and for that reason all of our recognised modular awards are held locally in Gibraltar.

The IoD programme equips you with the core knowledge and awareness needed to function effectively as a director, covering the key areas of governance, finance, strategy and leadership. An in-depth view of the role, responsibilities and legal duties of a director.

Also offering Non- Executive Directors the opportunity to benefit from professional Training and gain a clearer understanding of what the role & responsibilities are.

The Institute of Directors are the UK’s leading business network assisting businesses of all sizes to access the essential skills and powerful insights they need to succeed.

By attending the full Certification Programme all 4 awards you will benefit from free Enrollment and Examination fees valued at £425 &Non - Members will also benefit 1 years Annual membership of the IoD value £625

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Benefits of a Director qualification:

Whether you’re newly appointed, aspire to the board or want to improve performance with fresh insight, the IoD Certificate in Company Direction equips you with the core knowledge, awareness and specific competencies to function effectively as a director.

Consolidate knowledge, skills and experience with formal qualifications.

Enhance performance and that of your organisation.

Gain professional recognition and reward for your achievements

Demonstrate that your business or organisation upholds the highest professional standards in governance and leadership.

Attendees from the same Business or Company will also benefit from these great reductions:

  • 2 People attending 10% Discount
  • 3 Peoples attending 15% Discount
  • 4 People attending 20% Discount
  • 5 People attending 25% Discount

Members of various associations will also benefit from generous discounted rates.

Further Details

Contact Details

Pete Yeoman
+350 5780 6000 |

Gabrielle Gache
+44 7970 545895 |

Award  Date IoD Members Non-Members Your Steps to Success
 Role of the Non- Executive Director  7th April 2017 £897.00 £997.00  On completion of this 1day course you will leave with a profound understanding of the role of a non-executive director, as well as first-class strategies to effectively apply
Certificate in Company Direction Programme Awards 
 Award Date IoD Members Non-Members Your Steps to Success
 Role of the Director and the Board  26th & 27th April 2017 £1,797.00 £1977.00 On this 2day course you will gain understanding of the role and responsibilities of a director in a quickly changing world. Whether you have entered a new role, are aspiring to a board position or would like an opportunity to refresh your knowledge and reflect on your existing role to help you develop greater capability.
 Finance for the Non- Financial Director  16th to 18th May 2017 £2,430.00 £2730.00  By attending this 3day course you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the financial health of your business, appreciate the financial impact of the board’s strategic decisions and be able to identify the director’s legal obligations in relation to finance.
 The Directors Role in Strategy & Marketing  13th to 15th June £2,430.00 £2730.00  During the 3day course you will gain a practical understanding of the board’s role in developing strategy, learn how to create value for your key stakeholders, appreciate the importance of market analysis and strategic decision-making, and effectively prepare for the implementation of strategies that support and enhance your organisation’s vision and values you.
 The Directors Role in Leading the Organisation  11th & 12th July 2017 £1797.00 £1997.00  Over the 2days you will gain a practical understanding of leading people through strategy implementation. During the course you will have the opportunity to assess different leadership and decision-making techniques, identify ways of handling resistance to change and evaluate how all of these can be applied in your own organisation and contribute to its increased success

You may book and pay for Awards individually as advertised.

Examination fees for Certification would then apply at £425



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