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Bermuda Spring Newsletter

16 Aug 2016

This is the first of a series of newsletters we expect to release on a periodic basis. We intend to use it as a means of keeping you informed of your Institute's activities.

Interest in the Institute continues to grow as attention to Corporate Governance matters become a greater priority for directors. Our courses are very well attended and well received and more and more we are being approached to provide specific training on a company by company basis.

All this to say, yes, we are busy, but it is also very exciting as we grow and our members feel better able to contribute to their company's success. Our newsletter will in addition to our updates, also include or provide links to articles or presentations of interest and with this in mind I would ask that, if you do come across something which would interest our members or if you wish to write an opinion piece, please send it in to us and we will include it if appropriate.

I will emphasize that it is unlikely that any items submitted with the intent of marketing a company or product would be accepted. As always, any ideas you have on improving the newsletter or on our

communication in general would be well received.

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