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East of England Hertfordshire

Take a Look Behind the Scenes of an Amazon Fulfilment Centre

Liz Langmaid 15 May 2019

On the 9th May 2019 IoD Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire visited the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, for a tour around their robotics centre.

The tour started with a brief talk by our very entertaining tour guide Marta, who told us all about the different fulfilment centres around the country, with the Dunstable Centre being just one of 17 dealing with small to medium sized goods, but one of only a few with robotics technology.  During the tour we were taken to see the robots in action, unfortunately no photographs were allowed.  

Despite the robotics technology this particular site still employs 3,000 staff and apparently no staff are on 0 hour contracts.  Staff at the site are used for unloading shipments, filling products into compartments (which are then scooted off by robots to where ever they need to go), sorting orders and finally packing. We found it very strange how products are randomly put into mixed compartments with absolutely no order, but we were assured by our tour guide that this has been found to be their most efficient method. 

It was amazing to see what happens after you press buy, how orders get delivered so quickly and just how many orders they process.

Some of the feedback I have received are:

"A big thank-you to the IoD Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire team for organising this amazing tour. I look forward to attending future IoD events within your regions."

"Enjoyed the IoD Hertfordshire Amazon Fulfilment Centre Tour today. Was great seeing the robots move all the lines of products."

"Great fun! Really enjoyed this."

"The IoD company visits are always a blast..."

"Thanks for organising this, excellent tour!"

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