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New Year, New Ideas, and an Even Better Director

07 Jan 2019

IoD East of England news

IoD Ambassadors reveal their New Year’s Resolutions for Better Business

Even the most successful directors continue to find ways to improve themselves and their business. As the dynamic of a business is constantly changing, directors have to continue making the necessary changes to stay at the top in their field of industry.

Our IoD East Ambassadors are experts in their sector and alongside their busy day jobs as prominent leaders in their fields, they are always contributing to the development of the ever-evolving and expanding IoD.

So we decided to ask them what their New Year business resolutions are for 2019 to see how they plan to be even better leaders and what advice they can give to the rest of us. This is what they told us:

Delegate More

As a business leader, when everything is ultimately your responsibility, it is sometimes difficult to “let go” and delegate tasks to other members of staff. IoD Suffolk Ambassador and Managing Director at The Bridge & The County Wire, Hana Dickinson, has therefore decided that one of her New Year’s resolutions is to delegate more;

“I'm getting better at this” she says, thanks to her “great team who are very capable and invested in what we're working towards and the way we want to look after our clients”.

John Cockburn-Evans, Managing Director of Aspire2beLean agrees that leveraging his business more by “using more associates and different delivery models” will stop him from becoming “the bottleneck for my business”. He thinks it is a case of accepting and trusting that “with the right training and coaching, others can deliver to the same quality”.

Find a Balance

Our ambassadors agree that finding a balance and focus will help to make business run smoothly. IoD Hertfordshire Ambassador for Young Directors, Andrew Griffiths says that multi-tasking is not an efficient way of working. He says, “I hope to make myself even more mindful of this and have dedicated days for working on particular businesses, rather than juggling multiple simultaneously.

Hana Dickinson agrees that finding a balance with her diary will allow her to be in the right place at the right time
“Now that I am spending more time in London, Norfolk and Essex as well as Suffolk, where we are based, I need to balance this with ensuring I am available to my team for training, consultation and general leadership - particularly as the team grows”, she says.

Simone Robinson, Regional Director for the IoD East of England agrees that 2019 is the year for “getting more balance in my life!” She also aims to schedule “thinking time” into her calendar on a regular basis to get the focus she needs.

Less is More

Andrew Griffiths is involved in quite a number of start-ups and initiatives, so he has decided that this year he will be looking to focus his efforts “in a more structured way”. He says, “I will be maximising the amount of time I spend working on the opportunities which hold most potential”.

Simone Robinson says “I want to do exactly the same”. This year she is keen to spend time on things that can “make a difference” by having the courage to say ‘no’ more.

Happy Clients

Laura Morrison, Managing Director of Your Telemarketing Ltd and Marketing Ambassador for IoD Suffolk wants to continue to improve client satisfaction through the introduction of a formal monthly client review process. She believes that customer satisfaction is important in any industry, and “even more important in a sector which can have a poor reputation”.

“Your Telemarketing, has a number of tools in place to ensure client satisfaction and we currently have irregular catch-up calls. This year we will introduce a formal process which will enable us to adapt projects to further meet the clients’ needs”, she says.

Happy Employees

As a director’s greatest asset is their team of employees, is it important to maintain strong employee engagement for a positive working environment and high productivity. Laura Morrison says “we have regular internal team meetings, monthly one-to-one meetings and annual appraisals. I often buy treats!”

Laura’s company already arranges a summer event and a Christmas celebration. However, her plan for 2019 is to introduce at least two more team-building events “to continue to create bonds and to enhance our reputation as a nice place to work”. 

Hana Dickinson adds that one way of keeping employees happy is by getting them to move more;

“We sit a lot at our desks, in the car, on the train, and in meetings. I would like find a way to get myself and my team moving a bit more during the working day. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please let me know @hanadickinsonuk on Twitter.”

Embrace Change and New Ideas

IoD Suffolk Ambassador and Managing Director of Aspire2beLean, John Cockburn-Evans has decided that this year is about adding something new to his business by fully embracing Digital Marketing. He wants to do so in a way that is “focused, customer centric and cost effective” for his business, while avoiding the “stop-start nature of marketing” by keeping “a regular cadence of outward information flow” while he is busy delivering

Laura Morrison wants to embrace change this year by introducing a new line of service;

“Currently the business sells time, which limits our growth potential to the amount of resource we have available. I want to introduce a product which will enable us to grow further alongside our growth in current services. I am not sure what this will be as yet!"

Finally, as IoD Ambassador for Young Leaders, Andrew Griffiths wants to embrace new potential by “endeavouring to enable others, particularly aspiring young leaders, to take the reins and advance their own careers.”

And what about you? Join the conversation by telling us your New Year’s Business resolutions via the IoD East LinkedIn Page.


Happy 2019!

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