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East of England Suffolk

IoD Suffolk Welcomes New Ambassador Dr Oliver Frey

28 Aug 2018
IoD Suffolk Ambassadors

IoD Branch Ambassador Introduction

Your name: Dr Oliver Frey

Your title/role and company name: CEO, CountryHealth Ltd.

Your IoD branch: Suffolk

Your IoD Branch Ambassador role: Health and Wellbeing

Your Social Media Links:

Dr Oliver Frey

Q: Can you tell us a little about your career to date?

I have dedicated my life to helping people take control of their health. My aim is to help my clients to learn how to become healthier, and take or regain control of their health.

Over 25 years of studying and practice in a variety of fields in medicine in Germany, England, Estonia and Switzerland gave me a fair bit of experience.

I first began treating patients in Germany in 1992 in cardio-thoracic surgery, followed by abdominal and vascular surgery, orthopaedics and trauma in state-run hospitals and a private hospital.

I wanted to expand my skills and moved to the UK in 1997 where I spent three years training as a general medical practitioner. 

In 2005 I took time out to reflect and moved to Estonia where I joined Laulasmaa Resort spa hotel as strategic development director and chief physician.

I became a life and health coach and was featured on Estonian TV.

I began exploring the fascinating field of functional medicine and developed screening tests and treatment packages for the hotel clients.

Soon I opened my first private practice, exploring a different way to offer healthcare. After modifying my patients’ diet, I saw drastic – and often permanent – improvements in their health, this despite years of unsuccessful treatment by specialists.

After a short period in Switzerland as single-handed GP, I moved back to England where I founded CountryHealth, specialising in Thyroid Health and Nutritional Functional Medicine. 

On my way I collected an MD “magna cum laude”, membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP), a Diploma in Diabetes Care from Warwick, skills in acupuncture and neural therapy, and even life coaching, homoeopathy, Reiki and EFT.

Q: If you could give your 21 year old self some advice what would it be?

Be bold and courageous, explore the world, take responsibility, and never stop learning. 

Q: Are there any business related or policy issues that keep you awake at night?


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