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East of England Suffolk

IoD Suffolk: Demystifying Digital

05 Nov 2019

digital event

Last month IoD Members and Guests attended the IoD Suffolk Demystifying Digital Event which was held at All Saints Hotel, Bury St Edmunds.

Guests were joined by a panel of speakers at this high energy ‘thought leadership’ event, where we discussed subjects such as the effect that the digital age can have on employee’s mental wellbeing, with the constant daily interruptions of social media, emails etc.

Many of us feel the need to use these portals within our businesses, however we need to be mindful of the implications it can have on individuals. Our panel encouraged guests to challenge their way of thinking. We also debated the future of work, how we do it, what it will look like in the future and the technology that will underpin Industry 4.0, equipping tomorrow’s workforce with problem solving skills and curiosity.

The combination of presentations and interactive workshops challenged delegates to think more deeply about digital, the opportunities for further understanding of this complex expanding arena and relating it to their own business performance and productivity. There was a ‘clamour’ for related further events which would allow the subject matter to be discussed on the day and to go into even more detail.

With thanks to our panel:-

Tim Robinson, Tech East
Ben Miller, Process Flows
Sehaam Cyrene, Paper Tuner
John Cockburn-Evans, Aspire2BLean
Ian Gardner, IBM
Matt Applegate, Creative Computing Club

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