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East of England Suffolk

IoD Suffolk are Looking For Ambassadors to Join Their Leadership Team

14 Nov 2017
IoD Suffolk Ambassadors

Why not become an IoD Suffolk Ambassador?

For many years, the IoD has operated its local branches on the basis of a committee comprising county-based IoD members. Each group’s approach has often been the result of a mixture of local history and preference. Across the branches, the operation of the committees varies widely from their degree of formality, to the size and specific member roles etc.

Many committees find their time is taken up planning, organising and recruiting for events, which is not the best use of the invariably highly skilled people who are members of the committee and give up their time voluntarily. Generally, these very experienced people joined the committee because they supported the goals of the IoD and wanted to further them in a wider business community. IoD Suffolk was no exception.

The term “committee” harks back to previous times, where administration was the primary role, rather than innovation, developing an effective network, personal development, being part of the growth of the local economy and supporting the way directors can lead society.

So, it has been agreed to adopt a new approach at branch level that will help to change the role and focus of local IoD committees. Going forward, the Chair will lead the Branch Leadership Team which will be made up of IoD Branch Ambassadors (IBAs). 

We currently have two vacancies here in Suffolk, they are: -

  • Energy, Transport, Freight and Logistics
  • Connectivity, Commuting, Housing and Commercial Property

Download Expression of Interest Document

Download IoD Suffolk Leadership Team - Ambassador Matrix

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