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East of England Essex

IoD Essex and IoD Hertfordshire's 'The Impact of Supply Chain Disruption' Event in Pall Mall

John Granneman 18 May 2018
IoD Essex Supply Chain

On the 18th May 2018, the IoD's beautiful Burton Room at 116 Pall Mall was home to the Transport, Logistics & Manufacturing Forum Event, sharing ideas on the impact of supply chain disruption.

IoD Hertfordshire, IoD Essex and the North London Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise hosted the event and IoD members and guests were fortunate to hear from an esteemed panel of experts on this subject area.

As the UK leaves the EU, we more than ever need to consider how the impact of supply chain disruption can negatively affect the supply of materials or stock, the continuity of service to our customers, our reputation and more importantly, our bottom line. Unfortunately, the cause of the disruption often goes unexposed until a catastrophic event occurs. By then, it may already be too late to mitigate the risk and those negative effects.

Amongst other things, at this event we discussed how to strategically optimise your supply chain management, the significant long term impact of supply chain disruptions, why supply chain risk management activities require enterprise-wide participation and how companies can take proactive, actionable steps to add significant resilience to their supply chain operation, often without requiring significant levels of investment.

Our speakers for this event were;

Neil Roll, General Manager at the Supply Chain Academy. Neil has been working as a supply chain professional for over 35 years. Neil’s focus has always been on helping organisations to improve the overall effectiveness of their supply chain, through training programmes, career development and with executive coaching interventions. A specialist in Supply Chain Operations, Neil has extensive experience of working with clients with supply chain challenges within many different industries and sectors including; energy, food and drink, manufacturing, engineering and the news industry.

Denise Pieri joined Tesco in 1995 after a number of years in Sainsbury’s. She has held several roles in Merchandising, Retail Operations, Distribution, Supply Chain, Property, Marketing and Commercial and key business support functions within Tesco. Denise joined the Packaging Team as a Supply Chain expert delivering the Operational Efficiency Programme and working with the supply base to develop up and down stream efficiency opportunities.

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