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East of England Suffolk

Finding Out About Working Closer With the Military

14 Mar 2019
Armed Forces Covenant Event

Business leaders from across Suffolk, and beyond, gathered at RAF Wattisham for a special business breakfast, to find out about engaging with the military.

The special event, organised with the Institute of Directors, Suffolk branch and the Armed Forces Covenant was attended by more than 70 people from a variety of local businesses and sectors.

Afterwards Elizabeth Pearce, chair of the Suffolk branch of the Institute of Directors said: “It was a very interesting and informative event. It was an opportunity to engage with the military, which we have quite a lot of in Suffolk, and find out more.

“We found out about opportunities for businesses to get involved as volunteers or reservists. “For staff it can be rewarding and it is very much about skills development. “They also talked about local cadet forces and how businesses can support them. “It is a way of putting something back into the community, which a lot of people want to do. “For some it is about volunteering and corporate social responsibility.

They also talked about providing opportunities for people, when they came out of military service, moving into civilian employment, she said. “It is a question of the skills that they have to offer,” she added.
At the end of the event they were able to see the Apache helicopters that are based at Wattisham, she added.

For further details regarding The Armed Forces Covenant, click here.

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