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Everything You Need to Know About the IoD Associate Director Membership

31 Oct 2018
IoD East of England

Helping IoD Members find Director Potential for the future

The Institute of Directors (IoD) Associate Director membership is designed to help IoD Members find director potential in their employees and prepare them for taking on the director role in the future.

Whether you are Head of Department, Senior Manager or Business Director, the plan for the future is sometimes scary and unpredictable. If resignation, retirement or big changes are on the horizon, business leaders need to have a well-thought-out action plan in order to keep their business running smoothly without any setbacks when they go.

Preparing for change can be difficult, and directors need to be sure that their position is being passed on to the right person.

The IoD memberships are adapted to the needs of all business directors, with access to diverse professional development programmes, insightful networking events and expert advisory services.

In addition, the Associate Director Membership offers step-by-step guidance in succession planning, building a leader pipeline, and specialist coaching for potential leaders of businesses and family businesses.

Succession planning

Members will be aided in the process of identifying and developing new leaders who can replace them when they leave or retire. Adequate succession planning increases the availability of skilled and experienced employees that are prepared to assume the role of Director, Head of Department or Senior Manager in the future.

Leader Pipeline

Sometimes Directors of businesses don’t know how to go about recruiting and developing leaders ready for when those senior positions become available. At the same time, many employees don’t even know where they are along the pathway to becoming the new director of a business, and a lack of preparation and understanding could lead to business collapse or the right member of staff rejecting the new role. 

The IoD Associate Director Membership provides Directors and their staff with a platform to build a simple leadership pipeline to ensure appropriate leadership development, no matter the size or field of industry. This includes professional business development training and on-going leadership coaching.

Family Business

As part of the Associate Director membership, the IoD provides a lively community in which family businesses can connect, share their concerns, ideas and learn from one another.

Members have access to family business expertise, providing them with the business knowledge and advice they need for long-term success.

Through our extensive events and training programmes, the Associate Director membership provides families with valuable support as well as endless opportunities to promote their family business.

Further membership and event information is available by contacting James Easom, Member Relations Manager via or Tel: +44 (0) 20 7766 8888

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