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East of England

Are you missing an opportunity to grow your business?

27 Mar 2018
IoD East of England. Apprenticeship Levy

Following a series of Apprenticeship events held during National Apprenticeship Week, IoD East of England asked IoD Suffolk Member, James Salter, Director with The Lighthouse Group to provide some useful information regarding the benefit of accessing the Apprenticeship Levy.

It’s not often that an offer of free money comes along, and yet, right now SME’s can benefit from 90% funding to develop their leaders and managers. Unfortunately, many small business owners, including many IoD East of England members, are missing this opportunity because of confusion and misinformation, not to mention negative press coverage about the Apprenticeship Levy. Before you write it off and miss out, make sure you know the facts.

Do you recognise any of the following in your business?

  • Growing business, but skills gaps lead to difficulties succession planning
  • Managers lack the confidence to have difficult conversations and make decisions
  • Technically proficient people struggle to manage their people
  • Managers fail to delegate effectively to their teams, resulting in poor productivity

If any of these are true for your business you will end up being pulled away from the strategic, back into the detail, spending your time working in the business rather than working on it. 

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Interested to find out more about how you and your business could benefit from this funding?

Click here to visit our case studies to see how others are benefitting, or for free advice call Lighthouse on 0333 323 9690, or email James Salter [email protected]

James Salter, Director, The Lighthouse Group

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