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East Midlands

What Does Generation Z Mean for Business?

25 Oct 2019

Events Report 2019 

As the end of the year approaches, we look back on some of the IoD East Midlands Events

What does Generation Z mean to your business, how are you preparing for them – and what will their impact be?

These were just some of the questions posed – and answered – during an eye-opening evening of statistics, questions and discussions as Tay Bennet from Ricoh UK Ltd challenged IoD members to think again about how their business would handle the coming generation. 

For many there’s not a clear distinction between the Millennial generation and Generation Z but after meeting with Tay it is clear that Gen Z is a group of its own and businesses need to be aware in order to adapt. In the coming year Gen Z will make up 40 per cent of the population – in other words, the largest single group of consumers and employees. After discussion, some big questions came to light, such as employment practices. 

Nine to five, Monday to Friday at the same desk with the same people? Apparently, for the majority of Gen Z, this just simply doesn’t cut it. For these new employees to perform their best and be innovative they need flexible work-space and flexible hours. Work-life balance is key. If your company is looking at this group as potential customers than get ready to be friendly with all the new apps, be it social media, content creators, gaming apps and beyond. Gen Z are on them and they know how to dodge your ads, so its time to create engaging and new content in order to catch their eye. Tay gave us an enlightening evening and a mass of information that we will all be trying to factor into our business decisions in the future. 

Darren Wilson from UXCentric described the event as “fabulously engaging and informative. Tay outlined the challenges for businesses, both from a customer and employer perspective. A treat to be involved on a lovely evening in great company. I look forward to future events of this quality.”

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