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East Midlands

Student Mentors

Tasha MacGilbert 22 Jan 2021

Just a reminder that we are still recruiting for student mentors for our £10 challenge and our new IoD student mentor helpline!

As many of you know we run our £10 challenge every Autumn and have since launched our £10 challenge plus last year. Due to Covid-19 we have unfortunately had to change plans a little for this academic year but are really pleased we are still able to run the £10 challenge plus this February.

This challenge has the same principles of the standard challenge, except that students are taking part as an optional module on their course, therefore the challenge will be over a longer period of time, and they will be able to bid for more money (up to £50). So, their ideas will need to be more entrepreneurial and sustainable than the ideas we usually see in the £10 challenge.

As I’m sure you are aware it will vary from group to group how much or little, they might need your support. From experience the groups usually meet their mentor initially on launch night, maybe once in-between and then at the celebration event, between that they keep in touch over WhatsApp or email. It is for you to say how much time you can devote to this.

The student helpline is something new that we are trying with student members at various UK Universities, where our members are encouraged to help students from time to time with queries they might have such as CV advice, mentoring or support around a university project. This will be a good way to support young people locally and an amazing way to give back.

It will be an opportunity to contribute practical real-world help and assist students to understand more about business and the role of directors. We’re sure that it will also enable them to be more prepared for the world of work.

If you are interested in supporting this year or know of someone who would be please email and let me know which initiative you would prefer to assist with.

We will be sharing more information in the form of a mentor’s handbook, but if in the meantime you had any questions then please feel free to get in touch!

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