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East Midlands

Mentor NTU Students in this Year's £10 Challenge

16 Sep 2019

Are you ready to pass on some of your  experience to help develop the skills and careers of the next generation of business leaders through the IoD £10 Challenge?

Our IoD £10 Challenge has been running for over 6 years at various institutions across the UK, raising money for charity whilst building on students business experience.

What is the £10 Challenge? 

  • The student members will be split into small groups, each group will be assigned a business mentor. 
  • They will be given £10 and 10 days to make as much profit as possible.
  • This challenge gives the students an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the world of business. 
  • Using their business and entrepreneurial skills to raise money for the chosen charity.

Why be a £10 Challenge Mentor? 

  • Help students develop key skills and an entrepreneurs mindset. 
  • Network with a range of people, from other business mentors to university academics and students. 
  • Share your business experience with the students and offer guidance and support to your group.

Expectations of Mentors

Mentors guide students through the challenge and provide support where needed. Your role as a mentor is as formal or informal as you wish. You can offer feedback on your group’s ideas, attend product launches, promote your group on social media or offer encouragement by phone or email throughout the challenge.

Assisting student groups in reaching the best possible outcome by; 

  • Sharing valuable experiences that the students can apply. 
  • Offer a friendly approach, with unbiased support and direction. 
  • Provide guidance and feedback to assist students in their activity. 
  • Facilitate brainstorming, by providing personal insight to guide the students. 
  • Provide ongoing support and encouragement throughout the challenge. 
  • Assist the students in developing their skills and social profiles (i.e. LinkedIn)

Throughout the process of this challenge we would like our students to gain vital skills, including;

Leadership, teamwork, time management, entrepreneurial skills, fundraising and reflection.

John van Geest Research Centre 

Founded by John and Lucile van Geest, the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre seeks to “save lives and speed recovery by improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.” The Centre at Trent University has been made possible through the donations totaling £17 million from the John and Lucille van Geest Foundation.

Who are John van Geest? 

Our purpose-built premises opened in 2010 on Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton campus and allowed us to focus on two key approaches to the treatment of patients with cancer. 

  • Improving the diagnosis and management of breast and prostate cancers. 
  • Developing effective vaccines and immunotherapies that will significantly improve the survival rates and quality of life for cancer sufferers. 

Find out more about JvG

Key Dates for your Diary:

The £10 Challenge will take place twice over the 2019-2020 academic year at City Campus, Nottingham Trent University.  Please indicate if you’d prefer to mentor for the Autumn 2019 and/ or Spring 2020 challenge.

Autumn 2019
  • Launch event – Tuesday, 29th October 2019
  • Celebration event – Tuesday, 26th November 2020
Spring 2020
  • Launch event – Monday, 3rd February 2020
  • Celebration Event – Wednesday, 1st  April 2020

To register your interest and find out more please e-mail Cari Grice at or call the IoD East Midlands office on 0115 848 6190.

Contact IoD East Midlands

For more information, please contact

0115 857 8170

East Midlands

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IoD East Midlands
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Take a look at the organisations that sponsor the IoD East Midlands, and find information about our sponsorship packages. 

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