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East Midlands

IoD £10 Challenge raises £7,149 for JvG Cancer Research

09 Dec 2019

£10 Challenge 2019  

From cupcakes, pot noodle, waxing legs, movie nights, ponchos and boxing; Nottingham Business School students came up with innovative ways to raise as much money as they could. This November we celebrated the conclusion of our 6th Annual £10 Challenge in partnership with Nottingham Trent University. Each year over 150 students gather into teams and with the guidance of IoD Member, find creative ways to raise as much money as possible for the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre. This year, with the help of 30 dedicated IoD Members, the students were able to raise an impressive £7,149.10!

Throughout this challenge students are able to gain a variety of skills including working in teams, leadership, time management, strategic decision making, and marketing. Successful teams thought ahead and held several fundraisers in order to reinvest and grow their profits. Each team is given £10 and 10 days to put their plan into action, so strategic planning is necessary. 

Each year we commend our teams for all the hard work they've put in and show off four teams in particular for succeeding in the following areas; The Most Money Raised, The Most Innovative Idea, The Best Social Media Campaign, and the Best Reflective Piece. This year we also awarded a fifth team for the sheer amount of dedication and work they put in.

Highly Commended – Team Ve10city  

Team Ve10city put an incredible amount of work into this challenge. They created social media campaigns, bagged groceries at a local supermarket, held a Girls Night and sold glow sticks on Bonfire night! They took the 10 days they had and put every minute to work trying out different ways to turn their seed money into more. Team Ve10city raised an incredible £399.15!  

The Most Innovative – Team Dozen Directors  

Dozen Directors used a simple and effectively carried out idea of charging 50p to “KO” Cancer using a boxing glove. They went out to busy areas of the city and met people from all backgrounds who shared stories of their experience with cancer. They thought strategically and partnered with the University boxing class to provide each student there with the opportunity to KO Cancer and donate. By filming these interactions, the team created a social media campaign that drew attention to their JustGiving Page and increased their total amount raised. Dozen Directors raised a total of £593.70 and came in second place for the most money raised! 

The Best Social Media Campaign – Team Pop-Up Promotions  


One of the most creative Social Media Strategies we have seen in this challenge so far! Utilizing a well-known Icon (Guy Fawkes), this team created a social media company, Pop-Up Promotions, that advertised for companies that donated to the JvG Research Centre creating a positive marketing incentive. Pop-Up Promotions raised £189.91!  

The Best Reflective Piece – Fresh Geesters

 The Fresh Geesters submitted a true reflective piece that clearly demonstrated the skills developed throughout the challenge. From what went well to what they needed to improve, they demonstrated a deep understanding of what they learned and how they would do it differently next time. This team also divided and conquered and held specific roles such as Financial Officer and Team Leader. Once the Challenge was completed, they saw how much more they could have utilized their IoD Mentor and learned how to effectively use every resource available to them. Team Fresh Geesters raised a total of £176.29!    

The Most Money Raised – Coins for Cancer Research  


Through a solely online campaign this team was able to raise a whopping £1,144.50! Coins for Cancer Research utilized their contacts and an effective social media campaign to spread the word of their JustGiving Page. For every pound donated the team dropped a penny in a jar. Followers were able to watch the jar slowly fill as more and more was donated through the JustGiving Page.  

Our Mentors can attest that this challenge can be a bit of a roller coaster. It’s not easy being thrown together into a group and learning to work together in such a short time period. The teams that figured it out were able to push through the growing pains and really listen to their mentor in order to come out the other side with an amazing experience. Our IoD Members who kindly gave up their time to mentor our groups have come back and said that it was truly a worth while experience. It wasn’t always easy but in the end the value both the mentors and students get from the experience is amazing.  

The money raised has all gone directly to the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre.  

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