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East Midlands

Introducing the Ambassador for...Skills, Recruitment and HR

14 Apr 2019

IoD Ambassadors

Meet Cameron Ford, IoD Ambassador for Skills, Recruitment and HR

Cameron is a Chartered Director and has been a member of the IoD for 25 years and actively involved with the East Midlands IoD since 2008. He sits on the Association of Labour Providers Member Council, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and chairs HR Professionals Forums across the East Midlands. Cameron has been involved in a whole range of corporate transactions and has effectively managed the human capital aspects of those transitions during his career.

Q: How long have you been involved with the IoD?

25 years, I originally joined to attend the ‘Role of the Company Director’ course at Pall Mall and realised how much more I need to learn so did the entire array of IoD courses available at the time over a few years.  Having done those, and as the Chartered Director programme had started, I took the examinations to become a Chartered Director and have remained a member ever since.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your career to date?

I qualified as a Marine Biologist and Applied Zoologist but soon discovered that I didn’t find plankton and fish parasites quite as interesting as people.  I have been involved in the field of Human Resources and Recruitment my whole working career.  Originally, I worked for corporate organisations but cannot tolerate internal politics which is such a destructive force within an organisation.  I have since therefore only managed businesses of under 120 people where individuals can stand out and can be both recognised and accountable.  With those smaller businesses, I have built and successfully sold a recruitment company with offices across the Home Counties and East Anglia and currently am the owner/manager of another business finding people for local organisations and businesses across the East Midlands on either a temporary, temporary to permanent or permanent basis across all industry sectors and types of role.

Q: What do you hope to achieve as an IoD Ambassador?

About 25 years ago I was privileged to be asked to work on one of the early iterations of the Standards for the Board, a publication released by the IoD.  Standards, ethics, trust and communication are the things I feel most strongly about and as an IoD Ambassador I would like to assist the IoD to continue to entrench those qualities in a business context in the backdrop of a world where, particularly in political spheres, they appear to be thought of as decreasing in importance.  

Q: If you could give your 21 year old self some advice what would it be?

Continue to trust people but learn to not waste time and energy on disappointment when that trust is betrayed but to understand the motivations behind the betrayal instead.

Q: What keeps you busy outside of work?

I am in the ongoing process of the restoration of an old house and formal garden which keeps me very busy.  I ski as much as I can and, honestly, if I could spend all my time in the mountains, I would.  I am also involved in managing several business groups across the region and involved with local charities.

Q: Are there any business related or policy issues that keep you awake at night?

Currently the chaos of Brexit certainly does but I am increasingly concerned about the stability of society as a whole in a world where so many high profile politicians of all parties and countries appear to think that honesty and values no longer matter.  When society sees politicians repeatedly not adhering to those qualities and having no accountability when they do not, the behaviour of everyone and the stability of the society is at risk.

Why do you think business leaders should join the IoD?

The IoD gives the structure that Directors should have in their day to day working life but also gives them a framework to ensure good governance.  The role of a Director is one of the most responsible of career choices with the livelihoods of the majority of people working in the UK depending on the standards to which we work.  There are many different reasons that Directors might join and remain members of the IoD.  Ambassadors can play a role in finding out what, of the range of services, support and training available, a Director might be able to benefit from within the IoD.

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