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What are Mastermind groups?

IoD Mastermind groups are strictly Member-only and before joining every member must submit a bio so we may ensure there are no competing organisations. These groups have been created to offer a support system to Directors. They offer an environment that leads towards candid discussions and a group of peers that challenge you to think strategically. These meetings are a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support.

Groups are made up of a variety of industries and business sizes combining SME’s and larger businesses. For many members, these meetings act as a board meeting. For those that run their own business or are part of an SME, its likely you don’t have non-executive directors, an advisory panel or formal group of trusted experienced business people you can bounce ideas off. Take advantage of your IoD membership and utilize these groups to help you make the best decisions possible.

These groups are made up of Directors from Non-Competing industries and meet once a month for Dinner to discuss any topic that a member brings forth. Topics have varied from employee relations, Directors Duties, hot topics in business, whether or not to expand the company, to work life balance. Topics for meetings are often tied to CPD topics that are being run at the time. 

Hear from Members

 “It really is extraordinary, the level of expertise and knowledge you have in the room when you get a group of IoD members together,” she said. “There isn’t a problem or challenge that one of them won’t have encountered at some point in their career. It’s a remarkable pool of talent.” - Carole Harvey, Managing Director of Nous Associates

“You know how you often think to yourself “I nearly didn’t got to whatever-it-is, but now I’m really glad I did”? That’s how I feel about our Mastermind group. We’re all very busy people leading interesting businesses, but our IoD Mastermind Group forces us to take a step back and work “on it, not just in it.”  It allows you to look at your business challenges from a different perspective. We’ve all got to know each other over time and are comfortable providing real challenge and personal insight to one another. We tackle big strategic issues together, as well as quick tactical ones and it’s great when people come back to the group and share their successes. I’ve benefited from my peers’ counsel and I know others in the group have too.  We hold each other’s feet to the fire, but in a warm and open way that encourages participation – so if you’re thinking about joining, just do it!” - Sandy Groves, Founding Partner of Thing Again

“The IoD Mastermind sessions have helped me by connecting me with diverse non-competing leaders in completely different sectors that reveals we all deal with the same business issues. More importantly it’s a chance to cross pollinate and synthesise ideas and solutions from one sector to another. Its more than lateral thinking within a company, this is across industries. This is one thing I do professionally, but I’m not accessible to every business in the world, so as IoD member I can honestly say masterminds will make all the difference in your business.” - Justin Donne, Justin Donne Consulting 


Mastermind groups near you

We have Masterminds in Leicester, Northampton, and Nottingham as well as growing groups in Lincoln and Derby.

  • The Leicester Mastermind group meets every third Tuesday of the Month at the Belmont Hotel.
  • The Northampton group meets at the Holiday Inn every second Tuesday of the Month. 
  • The Nottingham group meets at the Crowne Plaza on varying dates to suit the most members.
  • The Lincoln Mastermind Group is growing, and we are looking for additional members to fill it out. If you are interested in joining this group, please reach out to Cari Grice.
  • The Derby Mastermind Group is growing, and we are looking for additional members to fill it out. If you are interested in joining this group, please reach out to Cari Grice.
To see the most up to date information on Mastermind meetings, see our events page.