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City of London

The Military is Good for Business

23 Feb 2018
iod military business

Hiring veterans isn't just a good thing to do. It's good for business.

We recently held an excellent panel discussion examining the benefits veterans and reservists can bring to an organisation when they join.

Hiring a veteran might seem like a potential risk to an employer, especially if they don’t have specific experience in the relevant sector. However, the employer would be adding someone to their team who has excellent skills and experience.

Veterans and reservists undergo training that would otherwise cost an organisation thousands of pounds to put an employee through. Many of the skills developed in the military are highly transferable, such as leadership, management, creative problem solving and communication. Hard work, discipline and resilience under pressure are other good points many veterans can bring to a team.

Sickness and absence rates amongst veterans are also statistically much lower than the average employee, bringing huge cost savings to an organisation.

The event was kindly hosted by BT at their excellent venue in the City and was run in partnership with both BT and Salute my Job. Speakers included General Sir Nick Parker who chairs SaluteMyJob, Nat Haynes from the MoD’s Defence Relationship Management, Mark Hughes, CEO of BT Security and veteran Sarah Griffiths, HR business manager at Santander.

This was the first Military Engagement event held by the IoD City of London branch in 2018. Our Military Liaison Officer Simon Wood will be organising another event later in the year and we hope to see you there.

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