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IoD London Talks Webinars

10 Aug 2020

IoD London webinar series

Being successful in business (and in life) is never a given and when things are out of our control hindering our ability to proceed as planned, we must adapt and look at new approaches.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a huge wake up call for businesses, society and individuals. With the need to change and adapt thrown upon us so unexpectedly, with no time for planning, each and every one of us had to step up, seek new opportunities, adapt and rethink past practices in order to survive.

For some, these new opportunities have actually created a better long-term outcome, but however we have fared during these unusual times, we should be proud of the way we have supported families, friends and colleagues along the way. At IoD London we looked to support our Members (and the wider business community) during the pandemic by considering the future and how best we could fully embrace the opportunities of online connectivity and learning and the wealth of information we could provide through webinars and online networking.

IoD London launched the ‘business as unusual’ webinar series

We may have been a bit slow to the table in regards to online events(!), but when Covid-19 meant we were unable to run our usual (and very popular) face to face events for our Members and non-members, here at IoD London, we knew we had to get online events set up fast and effectively in order to continue to support our business community. We knew you all needed continual support, connectivity opportunities and constant, insightful events. As Lockdown hit we therefore created a ‘webinar taskforce’ and got to work producing the ‘Business as Unusual’ webinar series which ran from April to August.

Our Special Interest Groups stepped up and provided some fantastic topics and speakers, ranging from the UK India healthcare collaboration to supporting the Arts. Our Future of Travel webinar saw nearly 400 attendees join as the expert panel covered the whole spectrum of travel and tourism issues, from airlines to accommodation, tourist attractions and restaurants. You can read more about this webinar here

“Thank you for your support and being there for business leaders who want to embrace change for good and make a difference” was the comment made by one attendee to ‘Marketing your way out of a crisis’ webinar hosted by our Marketing and PR Ambassadors, Jeremy and Vanessa.

As well as diverse and intellectual webinars we also hosted interviews with politicians and more conversational webinars. Our City of London Chair, Alastair King interviewed the rising star Bim Afolami MP in June and Lord Feldman of Elstree in July. See his interview with Lord Feldman here


With nearly 4,000 registrants to our ‘Business as Unusual’ webinar series we are pleased that we have continued to support and engage the London business community during these challenging times. Now, as things begin to return to normal, or what we perceive will be the new normal, we can start to look to the future and continue to provide this structure for our Members and community as we all navigate new times, with innovative opportunities and inevitably new challenges. We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Business Xtra’ Webinars.

Business Xtra – continuing to provide dynamic and engaging online content to support and engage our community

With even more webinars than before lined up, the choice and engagement opportunities are endless. With incredible panellists already on board, our dynamic and diverse topics will provide something for everyone. We will also continue our popular networking sessions after our webinars to allow for connectivity and continued conversations.

Below is just a brief insight into what we have coming up from September so make sure you keep an eye on our website and are signed up to our email newsletter so you never miss an opportunity to learn, engage and connect as IoD London provides you with the ideal platform to become better directors, better equipped to face the future and to help make business happen.

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