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City of London

IoD City Chair, Alastair King, Reflects on his Interview with Bim Afolami MP

17 Jun 2020

We had a superb event on 2 June 2020 where I interviewed Bim Afolami MP.

Bim Afolami MPBim is MP for Hitchin and Harpenden and is a rising star in public life. Rather than wading into the usual current political themes, we concentrated our conversations on the impact of the current CV19 crisis on young professionals. Bim spoke in fascinating detail about the real challenges that young professionals face at this time. We covered the fact that those who graduate into periods of economic downturn sometimes take many years to catch up with those who have the good fortune to graduate into more prosperous times. Bim also mentioned his interest in Credit Unions and how they may play a part in providing financial assistance to less privileged groups in society. Although questions from the audience did touch on Brexit, this did not dominate our discussions. The feedback received was hugely positive, centring on how Bim shared his views, rather than just following a party line. We will do more such interviews in future.

Alastair King, Chair, IoD City of LondonAlastair King
Chair, IoD City of London

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