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City of London

Business Intelligence is Like Military Intelligence

29 Jun 2015
Business and Military Intelligence

In another event showcasing our relationship with the military, the IoD City of London branch partnered with the MoD to deliver an event showcasing the potential benefits organisations could gain if their employees sign up to join the reserves, in particular, the reserve branch of military intelligence: 3MI.

The event was also supported by KPMG, a global advisory business with 155,000 employees worldwide, including many Reservists and former Armed Forces members.

The daytime event started with a briefing on the role of intelligence, after which the attendees were divided into teams and separated into different rooms for a military-grade intelligence analysis scenario.

Without giving too much away about the task, which is still used in military training, each team was provided with a pile of paperwork containing unsorted intelligence reports concerning some sort of illicit international activity. The teams were then tasked with sorting through the paperwork in order to identify what was going on in order to provide a briefing back our military hosts at the end of an intense, three-hour investigation.

The task involved very rapidly executed teamwork and the sifting through hundreds, if not thousands of individual reports in order to identify who key individuals were, what they were doing and where we might be able to find them in the world. Co-operation and communication skills were vital and no team found the task easy, but it was highly engaging and ultimately rewarding.

After the task, we were provided with an expert panel discussing a range of views concerning the current role of military intelligence and how it relates to modern day business. We also examined how successful professionals can dedicate their spare time to become valued members of the Reserves, to provide their industry experience to help the country, while in turn gaining valuable experience in the latest military techniques and technology. Following the panel discussion we had our customary networking session with refreshments and canapés.

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