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IoD South Wales - Mastery of Speaking Skills

22 Jul 2021
Online, Online
We’ve all been there and endured it:

- The list of personal qualifications which the speaker takes 10 minutes to wade through.
- The corporate PowerPoint slides riddled with bullet points.
- The droning voice which never changes in intensity, pace or tone.

 Do you remember anything from those talks? (other than being bored and planning your shopping!)

Did you take meaningful action because of something the speaker said?

Did you learn anything new?

Anyone can be a brilliant speaker, anyone can captivate the audience and anyone can hold the room. You just need to learn HOW, then put into practise the things that you learn. In this speaking masterclass, we will focus on how to create inspirational content that packs a punch and how to persuasively deliver it.

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Date & time: 22 Jul 2021 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Online, Online
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Zoe Ford
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In this session, memebers will explore:

1. How to create inspirational content, which holds people’s attention.

 2. How to end your talk so you don’t lose your audience and so they take the action you want.

3. How to command your audience’s attention from the start (without resorting to crazy antics or cheesy one-liners.)

4. How to eradicate imposter syndrome and handle the nerves.

5. How to deliver like a pro (but without sounding rehearsed.)

6. How to easily create free, attractive and non-corporate looking slides, which genuinely add value to your talk.

 7. How to keep the attention of your audience on longer presentations/talks.


Andrew Pain

TEDx / Keynote speaker and Leadership coach, Andrew works with business leaders, helping them to avoid burnout whilst thriving in their roles and delivering on their potential, by mastering their; 

- boundaries and commitments
- decision making abilities
- delegation processes
- time efficiency
- personal resilience
- influencing/presentation skills

Andrew serves a broad range of organisations, including; schools, colleges, institutions and associations, charities, NHS and corporate organisations. 

Andrew is also a father of 5 (two teenagers and 3 boys under 8!) and supports several charities, including a project supporting male victims of domestic abuse and a project alleviating poverty and preventing homelessness. 



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