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IoD South Online: Directors’ Connect on the Changing Economy

24 Jun 2021
Online webinar, Online

Our first meeting was well attended by a range of directors from diverse sectors and from across the IoD South network.  The conversation was frank, open and supportive for all.
We are continuing on a quarterly basis and the next one is on 24 June to again enable Sussex Directors to connect, share, and exchange peer-to-peer learning and good practices. For example, how has Brexit or Covid impacted your business?   
Many of you join the IoD to engage in a community of like minds but different experiences. You are all managing unprecedented change and we have received feedback that fellow directors want to both listen to and share experiences of managing change and overcoming barriers. This is a unique opportunity to share ideas with peers in an informal way. 
IoD Sussex works closely with IoD Governance and Policy team in London and we know that sharing your experiences with peers will help us understand in detail the key challenges you face and that can be fed into the wider policy work with both national and local government.
Join us at 1pm on 24 June for this opportunity to engage and connect with fellow Directors and members. 

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Date & time: 24 Jun 2021 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Online webinar, Online
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Ms Angela McWatt
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Alistair Elder

Alistair is Managing Partner of SGI Partners, advising C-suite/boards of UK and international businesses and governments on a range of areas including trade, investment, and economic development and strategy across many markets including EU, Middle East, Indo-Pacific where he lived and worked for 20 years.
Alistair enjoys being a member of the IoD as it provides an opportunity to work collaboratively with fellow Directors  to learn and share ideas that will benefit all. Alistair is a Fellow of the IoD and has been an Ambassador with IoD Sussex since 2018. He focuses on Governance, Policy and Trade and was part of the wide team who supported the development of the new IoD strategy and operating model. Alistair has been heavily involved in industry groups globally including British and EU Business Groups in UK, India, UAE and beyond. 
Alistair has over 30 years’ trade and diplomacy experience. He served at the Foreign Office for 16 years in a variety of roles including at the EU, and the final role was Trade in India. In 2005 he joined an Indian family run SME as GM based in Delhi. A year later he joined a FTSE 100 in India and grew through the structure with further roles based in Middle East. Alistair has held several ED/NED positions, running P&Ls ranging from £1m to over £100m and operations/clients across over 60 markets. 
Alistair loves languages and, while he suffers from linguistic amnesia, he remembers enough of his German, French, Russian, Hebrew and Hindi to find out where the train station and post office are.



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